• Thank You to DelVal (4/30/2017) -   By: Johanna Marano April 30, 2017 In thirteen days, I will walk across the stage and receive my diploma from Delaware Valley University. In thirteen days, I will no longer be an undergrad student. In thirteen days, I will be a graduate and an alumni. Where did four years go? It seems like just […]
  • Business Management, and Fashion Shows: My Follow-Up Interview with Tyler Wombough (4/28/2017) - A few weeks ago I interviewed my friend Tyler Wombough about his college football career. Since then my classmates have given me some other questions to ask him in a follow-up interview. This past Monday I had the privilege to do this follow-up interview with him about both his major at DelVal and the fashion […]
  • Psychology, and Penguins: An Interview With Alison Teter (4/28/2017) - I am a brother in DelVal’s chapter of the co-ed fraternity Alpha Phi Omega. In this chapter of the fraternity we have all different kinds of majors. I am an English Literature major; we have someone who is switching his major to Chemistry; we some Zoo Science majors; we have Small Animal Science majors; we […]
  • Interview with Editor of The Gleaner (4/28/2017) - By Taylor Blasko I got to sit down with the editor of DelVal’s literary journal. If you all didn’t know, recently there was a gala for The Gleaner hosted on April 12th over in the Life Science Building. It did a great job of showcasing and having this year’s issue  make a debut to the […]
  • School Event: Track Meet 4/22 (4/23/2017) - by: Alyssa Ruffolo I am a member of the track and field team here at Delval. I love running, as you may have picked up on if you have read any of my previous blogs. I have run distance/cross country since high school, and as a transfer this is my first semester running for Delval’s […]
  • Something to Think About: the Word “Asian” (4/23/2017) - by: Alyssa Ruffolo There are many words which we have now eliminated or at least deemed unacceptable in our ever-changing vocabulary here in the United States. Words such as retarded, queer, and gay all once meant something different than they do now. There are also offensive words for probably every ethnicity and race that exists […]
  • My Party Pooper Rant on A-Day (sorry not sorry) (4/21/2017) - By Taylor Blasko I’m not even on campus this year and I’ve never been more irritated with A-Day. Yea, you heard me — A-Day, the fair thing that occurs every April on DelVal’s campus. It’s supposed to be fun or something, but as I get older I get increasingly more irritated with the whole thing. […]
  • Curb Your Enthusiasm (4/18/2017) - by: Alyssa Ruffolo While many people enjoy Curb Your Enthusiasm, starring the creator of Seinfeld, Larry David, I starkly disagree. I haven’t watched much of the show because I mostly used to tune it out when my boyfriend watched it every single day a few summers ago. He insists that I haven’t given it enough […]
  • Packing Anxiety (4/18/2017) - by: Alyssa Ruffolo I don’t know about anyone else, but I do not like being accused of being “the typical girl” — one because that statement overgeneralizes and being a feminist I don’t like being categorized (stereotyped) by my gender, but two because usually that phrase has a negative connotation which I do not enjoy. […]
  • Interview: Rosaria Angela & Her Experiences as an Italian Immigrant in the 1930’s (4/18/2017) - By: Alyssa Ruffolo Over Easter weekend, I spent some time with my family and had a chance to interview my grandmother who is first generation from Italy (full name Rosaria Angela). I have always taken interest to other cultures, especially Italian culture because it is in my family and is part of who I am/ […]
  • Fact or Fiction, A Panel on Media Literacy (4/13/2017) - By: Alyssa Murphree, April 12, 2017 “We’re all sources. What is reliable?” This is the question asked at the beginning of the Fact or Fiction: Responsible Journalism and Becoming News Literate panel hosted by Delaware Valley University on April 5th. The special event leading up to the inauguration of our new president, Dr. Maria Gallo, […]
  • Fact or Fiction: Becoming News Literate (4/9/2017) - By: Alyssa Ruffolo On Wednesday, April 5, Delval held a panel called Fact or Fiction: Responsible Journalism and Becoming News Literate. Featured speakers on the panel included Brian Stelter from CNN News and David Folkenflik of NPR radio. Some very interesting discussion was brought forth throughout the conversation, all centered around the question of how […]
  • Interview: Why you should be an English major PART II (With a Prof) and how to make life decisions… (4/7/2017) - By Taylor Blasko Last week I explored the question of what it meant to be an English major with actual real life English majors at DelVal. This week I wanted to explore a similar question but with an actual real life English Professor here at DelVal. So this is an interview that I did with […]
  • Take Back the Night (4/7/2017) - By Taylor Blasko Last Thursday, March 30th, DelVal’s chapter of the American Association of University of Women (AAUW) hosted Take Back the Night on campus in Moumgis Auditorium. The event created a really inspiring atmosphere to get people out for the walk. There were a lot of resources there including the Network of Victim Assistance […]
  • Make Your Own Fun (4/3/2017) - By: Alyssa Ruffolo While many young people complain that there is nothing to do in the Bucks County area, there are many great activities in the area and summer opens up the door to so many more possibilities. There are many parks great for hiking in the area such as Tamanend Park, Tyler Park, Warminster […]
  • Technology and Socialization (4/3/2017) - by: Alyssa Ruffolo As technology grows, we become less and less dependent on other people for basically anything. Is this good, or bad? Many who would argue that technology has positively improved life would probably argue for it because of positive changes it has brought such as improvement of safety, accessibility, and convenience. As far […]
  • ABC Networking Night (4/1/2017) - My shipment of business cards weren’t shipped on time. Not exactly the way I wanted things to start, but sometimes you gotta roll with the punches. I quickly scrounged up a business card for my department’s networking night and printed them out on flimsy computer paper. With my frail stack of embarrassingly amateur cards and […]
  • Do’s, Don’ts, and Oddities of the Restaurant Biz (3/31/2017) - by: Alyssa Ruffolo While working as a server is a very physically and mentally taxing job, I truly have enjoyed my experience with it so far. I serve at Longhorn steakhouse, where I have worked for about two and a half years now. I worked as a host for about two years and then recently […]
  • Advice from a Grad Student (3/31/2017) - by: Alyssa Ruffolo I decided to interview a student in one of Delval’s master’s programs, Policy Studies. Although this student is not studying my major, I know him personally and trust/value his advice. I also find it helpful that he has experienced two graduate programs, as he is a transfer student, and so he is […]
  • Modern Politics (3/31/2017) - by: Alyssa Ruffolo While many people believe that public figures such as movie stars and musicians should leave their political views out of the press and focus on their work, I have to disagree. I believe that if I had the power to speak to many people and make a difference, I would express my […]
  • A Theory on Travel (3/31/2017) - by: Alyssa Ruffolo Why is travel so important? Could more reasonable airfare prices and traveling fees potentially save the world? This may seem like an absurd hypothesis, but before you give up on this idea, consider the possibilities. We live in a time when international travel is only accessible to higher-class citizens. Many middle-class families […]
  • Culture Shock (3/31/2017) - by: Alyssa Ruffolo As I looked out into the bright, shining city of Chicago, I saw the moving rainbow speckles of a thousand tie-dyed shirts. It was the summer of 2015. My hair was short and blonde and up in a ponytail, wrapped with a bandana. I was sporting a homemade tie-dye shirt, ripped jean […]
  • Networking at Delval (3/31/2017) - by: Alyssa Ruffolo Today I attended Delval’s Networking Event 2017 at the Student Center. I did not know what to expect as I entered the building, but I was warmly greeted at the door, given a nametag, and briefly introduced to the setup and schedule of the event. I was impressed with the large selection […]
  • Guidance for Grad School (3/31/2017) - by: Alyssa Ruffolo Dr. Maisel is a professor at Delaware Valley University with her Ph.D in Linguistics. She was kind enough to participate in an interview with me about her post-secondary education, more specifically her graduate studies and the process, her advice, and how she got to where she is today as a professor at […]
  • Runner’s High (3/31/2017) - by: Alyssa Ruffolo Why are some people able to run 26.2 miles straight, yet I can barely run a mile? You may be wondering how some people have a passion for such a tiring, tedious sport. If you are one of those people who says that running just isn’t for you, you may want to […]
  • A Day in the Life of an American Female (3/31/2017) - by: Alyssa Ruffolo While some people may argue that women living in the United States today have equal rights to men, I must disagree. Leaving the law and the technicalities out of the equation, I want to discuss the part society plays in this on a daily basis. Although a woman may say and truly […]
  • Soul Surfer, a Movie Worth the Watch (3/31/2017) - by: Alyssa Ruffolo *WARNING: INCLUDES SPOILERS!* The movie Soul Surfer (2011),directed by Sean McNamara, is based on a true story about a young surfer named Bethany Hamilton whose arm was completely bitten off by a shark when she was only thirteen years old. Having already began to make a name for herself in the surfing […]
  • “No ASL Interpreters” at Inauguration 2017 (3/31/2017) - by: Alyssa Ruffolo Early last week, a Deaf man by the name of Mike Keathley posted a video on Facebook that soon went viral. Keathley, being a member of the Deaf community himself, was upset that (according to him) there were no sign language interpreters at the inauguration of president Trump. Upon further research, I […]
  • Dove and Real Beauty (3/31/2017) - By: Rachel Lyle, March 31st, 2017 I mentioned this in an earlier blog but I’ll mention it again, in the Spring semester of 2016 I took a Women’s Literature course at Delaware Valley University. One of the many kinds of assignments that we were given were called Connections, which was basically a series of 4 […]
  • Football, The Patriots, and Elephants: My Interview with Tyler Wombough (3/31/2017) - By: Rachel Lyle, March 31st, 2017 For the past four years I have had the pleasure of being in the Students for Diversity Annual Fashion Show at Delaware Valley University and because of this I was able to meet several of the student athletes. Because of this connection with several athletes, this past Saturday I […]
  • Eating Healthy- Simple and Cheap (3/26/2017) - by: Alyssa Ruffolo Between working, going to college full time, and participating in school sports, I do not have much time or money to spend on eating healthy despite the fact that I care about my health very much. Over the years, I have struggled to find time and money to be able to eat […]
  • Movie Review: Get Out (*SPOILERS*) (3/26/2017) - by: Alyssa Ruffolo Get Out was not only makes-you-jump scary, it was truly haunting and left thoughts lingering in my mind all night after I left the theatre. The incorporation of racial issues in the movie is a huge part in what moves the viewer. In the opening scenes we see the main characters Chris (a […]
  • My Modeling Career: The 17th Annual Students for Diversity Fashion Show (3/20/2017) - By: Rachel Lyle, March 20th, 2017 This past Friday I had the privilege to be a model in Students for Diversity’s 17th Annual Fashion Show. It was a lot of fun and it was really awesome. The pictures I have featured here are from both this year and last years fashion show because I only […]
  • Goat: Greek Anti-Hazing Movie Event (3/4/2017) - By: Rachel Lyle, March 3rd, 2017 Last night I went an event put on by the Inter-Greek Council at Delaware Valley University. The Inter-Greek Council or IGC is a council consisting of members from all Six of the Greek chapters on campus. They oversee the policies and processes of the greek chapters, make sure the […]
  • Purchasing and Duplicating: An interview with Craig Norcross (2/25/2017) - By: Rachel Lyle, February 24th, 2017 My father is the Director of Purchasing at Delaware Valley University and with this position he has employees under him because of this connection, this past Wednesday I had the opportunity to interview one of these employees, Craig Norcross. The interview was quick and fairly painless for both of […]
  • Oh, dear fire alarm… (2/24/2017) - By Taylor Blasko Campus has been a pretty damn exciting place as of late. And by exciting I mean annoying. God-awful if you will. Like okay I get it, nobody could stop the resident DelValian squirrel from chewing through the one transformer that all of DelVal is run off of…but like seriously? I guess I […]
  • Class of 2017 presents Senior Series: “Adulting 101” (2/3/2017) - By Taylor Blasko Admittedly, even getting my ass off my bed to go to this event was a form of adulting all its own, but I made it out to the Class of 2017’s Senior event “Adulting 101” this past Wednesday, February 1st, and I’m sort of glad I went. Upon walking through the door […]
  • Fun in the Commuter Lounge (2/1/2017) - By: Rachel Lyle, February 1st, 2017 So…..I am a commuter student at Delaware Valley University and I don’t drive which means I have to either walk everywhere I go, or ask my parents for a ride. I can’t always get a ride from my parents because they have important things that they have to do […]
  • Craft Night at Delval (2/1/2017) - By: Rachel Lyle, February 1st, 2017 On Saturday January 28th, the Student Programming Board hosted a craft night in the Moumgis auditorium. It was a lot of fun to participate in. Being a member of the Student Programming Board myself, this is one of my favorite events to host. This time we provided supplies for […]
  • Relaxation Station (11/29/2016) - The Student Programming Board threw an event the weekend before Thanksgiving Break called “Relaxation Station.” I think this was a good title because at one point it was supposed to be called “Spa Night” which I think would have been a turn off for a lot of men. This is also a good name because […]
  • To Learn from Each Other (11/23/2016) - Do you have a favorite genre of book? I do- biographies. Weird, right? Reading all about people’s lives, about what they have written about themselves; spilling all their memories onto a page with connecting remarks with a usual moral or profound idea of how it has possibly impacted them. In a way, it’s mesmerizing that […]
  • Comedy Night (11/23/2016) - How much did it cost the pirate to get his ears pierced? A buccaneer! If you liked that than you should have heard what the Drama Club brought to the stage at their Comedy Night on Thursday, November 17th. The group performed nine different comedic skits along with three improvisation games which lasted just over […]
  • A Transfer’s 2 Cents (11/17/2016) - I love DelVal. I feel as a transfer student, you’re bound to like a college/university more than a student who has been there fresh out of high school, or at least appreciate it more. At this point in the game, you’re not here to goof off or get sucked in to what college life is […]
  • Greek Life takes on Campus-Wide Cleanup (11/14/2016) - On Sunday, November 13th, all the Greek organizations on Delaware Valley University’s campus got together and picked up trash. Organized by the university’s Inter-Greek Council, specifically the Vice President of Programming on the executive team, all greek life came out to support. At Delaware Valley University, DelVal for short, there are six active greek organizations. […]
  • Local Sorority Chapter Takes on Adopt-A-Highway (11/6/2016) - Today, November 5th, 2016, the sisters of Delta Epsilon Beta completed their bi-annual community service event for Adopt-a-Highway. Delta Epsilon Beta, or DEB for short, is a local Greek sorority, having only two chapters open in the United States. The Delaware Valley University chapter is the one that is featured in this particular blog. The […]
  • More Cowbell…and milkshakes! (10/19/2016) - I’ve always heard that Homecoming weekend is something special, but being the introvert I am, I never experienced the hype until this past week. The Homecoming committee planned a fun-packed week leading up to and including Homecoming. In case you’ve missed any of the events, there were window painted displays, hand-spun milkshakes, decorating cowbells, campfires, […]
  • Me, My Sister, and My Bro-in-law (10/12/2016) - Once upon a time I moved to Pennsylvania, Perkasie to be more specific. Since this is a lengthy story with details that require sub-stories, let’s fast forward to the fact that my sister and I got an apartment together and subsequently live approximately 15 feet apart, thankfully in separate rooms. Just like the ‘good old […]
  • Dr. Gallo (10/12/2016) - Since Dr. Maria Gallo was inducted as DelVal’s 13th president, MARCOM along with outside sources have written a great number of articles on her life and history. But as someone who is interested in the farming side of this school, I sat down with President Gallo to talk about how she envisions tying her past […]
  • E.l.f. (9/28/2016) - I am not a makeup artist, or know what I am talking about when it comes to comparing and contrasting makeup, heck, I can barely get my act together to run a brush through my hair everyday never mind mascara on the lashes or foundation to cover a blemish, so I beg of you that […]
  • Proceed With Caution (9/28/2016) - After 10 years with ‘the beetus’ (diabetes), I’ve heard a lot of things, mostly de-motivational things, when it comes to my care and diagnosis. And over those 10 years, there are some that resurface that I try not to let bother me, but ultimately cause my brain to give this face: So here is that […]
  • An Interview with Dr. Fortier (9/27/2016) - Dr. Fortier is a professor at DelVal in the Animal Biotechnology and Conservation department. He teaches two classes, Animal Behavior and Animal Training and Enrichment. He also helped to develop the Zoo Science program at DelVal. I sat down with him to talk about the training lab that accompanies the Animal Training and Enrichment class […]
  • Fall Fest a Flop (9/26/2016) - About a week or so ago, having been tasked with covering a school event, I attended DelVal’s Fall Fest. Before I divulge my feelings regarding this event I feel that it’s a necessity to provide some information regarding my past experience. My high school had about 4,000 students in it, and was composed of two […]
  • Not your typical college football game recap (9/26/2016) - I am in no way a sports fanatic, but I really do enjoy some good football. I don’t follow it religiously or know every technical term, but I do like coming together with a large group of people, all wanting the same result. A win. Yesterday, September 24th, 2016, the Delaware Valley University Aggies acquired […]
  • What Alpha Phi Omega means to a member (9/19/2016) - This interview was answered by Alison who is a member of the fraternity Alpha Phi Omega. What/Who made you join Alpha Phi Omega? I did a lot of service in high school, and it has always been important to my family. I wanted a group on campus that I fit in with that upheld the […]
  • Dear Future Child (9/18/2016) - Dear Future Child, I hope you feel like you can come talk to me.  I want you to know you can feel free to talk to me about anything.  I wish that one day you will see how much I love you and everything I do in this life is to help you become that […]
  • (9/18/2016) - Delval, a force to be reckoned with, as they blow by the Kings college today. It wasn’t even a contest as delval scored on it’s first seven drives of the game! Six of their seven drives took place in the first half as they took a 42-0 lead, in the first quarter! Last week it was […]
  • Here Comes the Sun (9/16/2016) - Monday morning I made sure I arrived at school several hours prior to my first class so that I could get as much of my 80 pages of reading done as possible. I knocked out the first 60 pages, taking very detailed notes, and I was feeling pretty good about my preparation for class. When I arrived […]
  • No Blue Feathers (9/12/2016) - So last week my Ornithology professor had a lecture on bird feathers.  Ornithology is the study of birds.  He started explaining that there are no such thing as blue feathers.  Like that blue jay outside your window is technically a black jay. Yeah, shocking right?  The whole class was mind blown!  It was so shocking […]
  • How Experience360 Helped Me (9/12/2016) - Amanda is a student at Delaware Valley University and she is studying Zoo Science.  She is a senior and is planning on graduating in May 2017. What internship did you do over the summer? Amanda was accepted to participate for an internship at the Cincinnati Zoo, which is located in Cincinnati, Ohio. What did you […]
  • Student vs. the Snowball Effect (9/10/2016) - The semester seems to have reached it’s peak velocity. I feel like a soldier frantically sprinting towards the shores of Normandy on D Day, attempting to navigate the seemingly unrelenting barrage of assignments attacking from every direction. This past week I froze like a deer in the headlights, but I’m just now beginning to regain […]
  • See Anno, Cienno, or C&O Expo? (9/7/2016) - Well it’s C&O Expo, and it stands for Clubs and Organizations Exposition. The C&O Expo is a two-hour long forum that each club on campus can set up a table to try and draw in new members. This shindig took place right here on campus, Wednesday, August 30, 2016. From 5 o’clock in the evening […]
  • An open letter to my soon to be not roommates… (4/27/2016) - An open letter to my soon to be not roommates… **Disclaimer: Although you may not live in my house with my friends these fundamental things in various forms span across the board. Thank your roommie today and enjoy what I have to say about mine! ** Let me first start by saying that I was […]
  • An Open Letter to the Underacheiver (4/25/2016) - This open letter might hurt some feelings, but it’s like that saying that explains how everyone has an opinion ( if you don’t know the saying, please google it). Throughout my college career, I’ve seen people go above and beyond in terms of academics, activities and getting to know and help people. Sadly however, I’ve […]
  • 5 Questions to Ask at an Interview (4/25/2016) - I’ve had the opportunity to talk with some people in the workforce over the past couple of months and get some advice about how to present yourself at an interview, and what questions to ask the interviewer. Asking questions as the interviewee is one of the most important aspects of a job interview, and it […]
  • The Politics of Race at DelVal (4/21/2016) - When people talk about systematic and institutionalized racism it is often vague in ways we can’t pinpoint. We are just overtly aware that there is system in place that consistently makes it harder for people of color. This year I became President of the Black Student Union (BSU) and everything we tried to accomplish has been met with […]
  • Give It A Listen: “Amerika” by Young the Giant (4/18/2016) - One of my favorite bands have finally reemerged with new music, and once again, the didn’t disappoint. Young the Giant’s “Amerika” shows a little bit of a departure from their previous music. Their ambient sound and heavy use of synthesizers is still prevalent in this song, but what makes the song different is the complexity […]
  • So what is Derby Dash? (4/12/2016) - So what is Derby Dash? The Equine Department will host its 3rd annual Derby Dash, this Saturday, April 16th. The Derby Dash is a 5k run or 1 mile walk around the Delaware Valley Universities scenic campus. Registration for the race begins at 9am at the Equestrian Center. The race is expected to begin at […]
  • DelVal Sports Interview (4/11/2016) - Jordan Livingston Year: Sophomore Position: Started as a Safety but moved to Corner and Linebacker because he and coaches feel he excels mentally at the game of football. Member of the Dance Team   Football Experience at DelVal: Freshman year he came in thinking that he was going to start. Then reality hit and he […]
  • 10 Things I’ll Miss When I Graduate ( Del Val Edition) (4/8/2016) - Through my college career, I’ve seen a lot. I’ve met people who were……..questionable characters, endured the struggles of transferring while finding out what exactly I needed to do from advisers who should be stripped of such a title ( I actually had an “adviser” at MONTCO tell me after I had asked “Should I take […]
  • Interview With Jeremy Stewart (4/8/2016) - As part of the celebration of D-III week at Delaware Valley University, The Podcast Club at Del Val chose select student athletes to interview, and ask what D-III sports means to them. The daily episodes embody who the athlete is, what their involvement is on campus, and why they chose to play at Del Val. […]
  • AAUW: Clothesline Project (4/8/2016) - So I was walking through campus the other day and saw a clothesline with a bunch of shirts with writing on them, I then realized that this was the clothesline project. I have noticed that each day the clothesline has been hanging in a different area of campus. I think that this is a great […]
  • An Open Letter to the Weather (4/4/2016) - Dear Weather, You suck. I know, I know I know, this is getting off on the wrong foot. But may I ask you, what gives you the right? What gives you the right to do this? You know, a couple of weeks ago, I was sitting on my back patio in the sunshine and thinking […]
  • A-Day is coming, A-Day is coming! (4/4/2016) - It’s that time of year again. A-Day weekend is just three weeks away! The milkshakes, the animal shows, and the funnel cakes will all continue to be a part of our beloved A-Day weekend. However, there are also new things to look for at this years A-Day! Bring your cousins and younger siblings to participate […]
  • This Week at DelVal (3/28/2016) - Sports On Campus Event Off Campus Event Baseball Against Lancaster Bible College Monday 1:30 PM Baseball Field Doubleheader Muffin Monday Sponsored by Commuter Student Association Monday Commuter Lounge Bowling Trip Sponsored by Student Programming Board Friday 9:00 – 11:00 PM Thunderbird Lanes – Warminster, PA No sign-ups required. A shuttle will run from the Welcome Center […]
  • An Open Letter to the “Real World” (3/28/2016) - Dear “Real World”, I know I’ve been staring down my calendar this whole semester, counting down the days until I meet you. During that time, I’ve had multiple mental breakdowns, last minute assignments that barely made it in in time for the deadline, and people asking me what I’m going to do when I meet you. […]
  • Should We Be Doing Something? (3/28/2016) - You know, as I watched the news broadcast of the Brussels bombing, I thought to myself “When is this shit going to end?” I’ve been asking myself questions like “Isn’t there something we can all do to stop this stuff from happening, or is this just the kind of fucked up world we live in […]
  • Give It A Listen- “Run Wild” (Acoustic) by Jon Bellion (3/21/2016) - I’ve always really enjoyed the acoustic versions of songs. It gives the artist to put a different spin on a song other than the regular studio version. Jon Bellion, an artist from Long Island, New York, has been slowly building his career over the past few years with his hits “Jim Morrison,” “Carry Your Throne,” […]
  • Dear Dr. Gallo (3/21/2016) - To Dr. Gallo: First let me start by saying congratulations. Like Taylor Swift, Virginia Woolf, and other strong willed females, you have broken a glass ceiling. Being the first female in any position is an accomplishment, but being the first female president of a university that has such deep male roots, combined with its agricultural […]
  • Daffodils Mean Spring! (3/21/2016) - Spring has finally sprung! As I’ve walked around the Del Val campus lately, I’ve started to see the early sign of spring ( here comes the allergies). One of my favorite parts about this campus is the gardens of Daffodils that can be found throughout the campus. I found these buggers pictured below sticking it […]
  • Delval SWC (3/21/2016) - Having transferred into Delval last year, I have only been able to participate in 2 of the conferences and it is actually quite sad that next year I will only be a spectator. The Student Writing Conference is the one event on campus that I look forward to going to and being a part of. […]
  • This Weekend at DelVal (3/16/2016) - All Week! Black Wax Museum Trip Sign-ups Sponsored by Students for Diversity If you are interested in going, please email Ryan at by 1:00 PM on Wednesday Trip is on Sunday, March 20 The museum is located in Baltimore and the bus will leave from Security at 9:30 AM     Thursday, March 17   Come support DelVal’s Softball team […]
  • What Spring Break Has Taught Me: (3/16/2016) - What Spring Break Has Taught Me: Spring break 2k16 has taught me more than I would have anticipated. When I talked about all the (potential) fabulous adventures I was going to have in August when this school year started.  The first lesson is that sometimes grand plans don’t pan out. I didn’t go to some […]
  • If It Ain’t About The Money (3/16/2016) - I’ve always been an involved student. Over my years at Delval my level of involvement in student activities has varied mostly due to difficulties that come with being an involved student. My freshman and sophomore years here I was involved in multiple clubs. I was even an Orientation Leader and Rambassador. I have worked in […]
  • Although We’ve Come To the End of the Road (3/16/2016) - This week I had to opportunity to have a conversation an old friend and fellow senior at Delval, Vanessa Rodriguez. During this we discussed our journeys at Delval. As a senior she is now the Vice President of Students for Diversity and graduating with a degree in Conservation and Wildlife Management, with promises of a […]
  • Financial Aid Awareness (3/8/2016) - On Wednesday, March 2nd, the financial aid office held its Financial Awareness Day. The office held a seminar that taught students the importance of knowing how to apply for grants, and manage student loans. They also educated students on how to pay for student loans, and the effect that interest on their loans. Students also […]
  • Kevin-by Macklemore feat. Leon Bridges (3/8/2016) - Macklemore has been known for using his platform for to speak about social issues ( Same Love, Wings, White Privilege II). This time, Macklemore takes aim at the pharmacy corporations and shares his past experiences with addiction and dependency. His struggle with addiction has been clearly documented throughout much of his music. However, what makes […]
  • Spring Break Week @ Delval (3/7/2016) - As every student at Delval is aware, it is spring break! Meaning there are no classes Monday, March 7 – Friday, March 11. So enjoy your breaks everyone and catch up on some much needed rest! One event that is still happening during the week: Thursday, March 10 is the Land Ethics Symposium: The event is […]
  • Seniors- It’s time to let go. (3/2/2016) - To my fellow senior classmates: It is almost that time of year. Graduation is virtually upon us. It won’t be long before the big white tent goes up on the field, we will march across the stage, and get handed a piece of paper that is suppose to claims we are ready for the “real […]
  • This Week at Del Val (2/29/2016) -   Feb 29- March 5   Commuter Student Association Muffin Monday Commuter Lounge Zumba Sponsored by Office of Student Involvement 7:30 PM Wrestling Room, Gym Tuesday, March 1 Women’s Lacrosse Against Stockton University 4:00 PM James Work Memorial Field Wildlife Law and Policy in PA Sponsored by One Health Seminar Series 7:00 – 8:30 PM […]
  • Spring Break = Spring Bank (2/26/2016) - Ah, spring break. For me, and most of my friends, it was the greatest excuse to sit back, watch NetFlix, cuddle with your cat under the blanket, and hope nobody had the audacity to knock on your door or call your cell phone. To me, spring break was the excuse to do nothing, and to […]
  • Speed Networking…you should try it!! (2/25/2016) - So I attended the Branching Out Networking for students and Alumni. This was by far the best networking event I have ever attended. It was not your normal networking event where there are booths and you go to each booth and hope to make a good impression and hope they have time to talk to […]
  • You Can Pay For School, but You Can’t Buy Class (2/24/2016) - In our American literature two class we began the semester with Mark Twain’s “Puddnhead”, which covers themes of colorism in slavery. During our conversations around this work we examined the Mississippi Black Codes. In our discussion of the Mississippi Black Codes we made broader connections to a systematic problem of racism in America. The black […]
  • Intercollegiate Dressage Home Horse Show (2/22/2016) - On Saturday February 20, the Intercollegiate Dressage Team (IDA) hosted its final home show of the 2015- 2016 season. Six teams came to compete with DelVal, making for a long day with top some top competitors. DelVal finished third behind Cazenovia College and Rutgers University, but came out ahead of rival Centenary who finished fifth. […]
  • Why you’re entitled to an opinion, but not every opinion: (2/22/2016) - We all have taken that class with the student who sits in the back of the class room and starts their sentences like– “I haven’t done the reading BUT (insert ignorant opinion here)..” When this happens I think two things: Why did you just tell this professor that you didn’t read the reading? Don’t you […]
  • Advertisers Are Shaking the Rattle at the Baby (2/21/2016) - I used to love Super Bowl Sunday not only for the game and the pageantry, but also the commercials. I would look forward to see how advertisers came up with witty and funny ways to convey their message. I mean it goes right along with the great Super Bowl tradition right? You crack open a […]
  • A Sit Down With Jim O’Connor (2/20/2016) - I’ve always found the relationship between student and professor to be an interesting one. In some degree, they are your academic superior. They hold all the knowledge and are often the medium between what happens in the “real world”, as we often like to call it, and the classroom. However, too often I find that […]
  • This Week at Del Val.. (2/15/2016) - February 15 – 21

 ALL WEEK: New York City Trip Sign-ups
-Sponsored by the Office of Student Involvement Sign up in the Student Involvement Suite, 9:00 AM – 4:30 PM each weekday $5 refundable deposit required
Trip is Saturday, February 27
The bus will leave the Welcome Center at 9:00 AM.   Zumba at 7:30 PM in Wrestling […]
  • You Ain’t Crazy, You Just Afraid To Change (2/15/2016) - Dealing with mental health as a student can sometimes feel like that hardest thing there is. We are given excused absences for sports and understanding for family emergencies but there is very little awareness and sympathy around students who are navigating academia with depression and anxiety disorders. The number of students dealing with serious mental […]
  • Open letter to the student who is not involved (2/13/2016) - Open Letter to the Student who is not involved: I would like to say that I see you. I see you being not involved. I see you lurking in the shadows of this university, criticizing what goes on here. I hear your negative comments as I walk by on campus. You criticize the organizations, you […]
  • Racism in Sports Series (2/13/2016) - The “Racism in Sports Series” held by the Black Student Union on Thursday February 12. The event took place in the Life Sciences Building where the goal was to talk in a safe space about the racial issues that are going on in the world. The event opened by viewing footage of the Cam Newton, […]

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