To-Do Before Graduation

By Molly K. Lichtner, 5/10/17

  1. Get the new apartment unpacked
  2. Go grocery shopping to replace all of the frozen food that was left in PA
  3. Have the maintenance guy look at issues in the new apartment
    • Master bathroom shower water not running
    • Ceiling fan not completely attached to ceiling
    • Mystery light switches?
  4. Take Scout the cat to have her shots boostered
  5. Learn how to hang pictures straight on a wall
  6. Get gas in the car
  7. Take out the trash
  8. Find the screws to attach the mirror to the dresser
  9. Put the right furniture in the right room
  10. Find laptop charger (Did I pack it?)
  11. Make sure mail is being forwarded
  12. Explore new town
  13. Make new friends (How?  How is this done?)
  14. Sort Laundry
  15. Pack for the trip back up north
  16. Finish blog posts

Well, one out of sixteen isn’t bad, right?

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