The Real-life Caroline Forbes

By: Anna Merezhko

“I finally remembered what character you remind me of,” I told my best friend, “Caroline Forbes! You know, from The Vampire Diaries.”

My best friend looked insulted until I clarified that I meant Caroline from season 5.

“Minus the OCD, annoyingness, and incessant need to be in control, you are so much like her,” I said, trying to not dig myself into a deeper hole.

Caroline Forbes is a character from The Vampire Diaries that I have grown to love more than the heroine of the story. She’s a beautiful blonde cheerleader who’s very into being involved in her high school. I’m pretty sure she was head of student council and was always in charge of planning school events.

From the beginning of the show, she was portrayed as a cold, self-involved, thoughtless person. She needed to constantly be the center of attention and was jealous of everyone that stole that spotlight from her. She was jealous that her best friend (and heroine of the show,) Elena, managed to land herself a very hot, mysterious boyfriend. She continually proved over and over again that she was blunt and not afraid to speak her mind, even if it hurt her best friends. She was a bit of a bully, honestly. Then she became a vampire.

In the show, vampirism heightens all of your senses, so for a while, Caroline was more insecure, needy, and controlling than ever before. When Stefan, the person who constantly saves everyone, taught her how to embrace her new vampiric lifestyle, there was a change. Caroline evolved into the best version of herself. Though her previous negative qualities came out every now and then, she made an effort to hold them back or apologize when the occasional sharp word slipped out.

I admire Caroline’s character much more than the heroine’s. When her friend Tyler learned he was a werewolf, she supported him. She let him know her secret and then helped him through his first transformation, something that was life-threatening to her.

She became a confident person that stood up and fought for her friends. She became kind-hearted, gentle, and very protecting. All of these are qualities of my best friend. There is a vibrance in her that is very similar to Caroline’s. They are both fierce and would do whatever it took to protect their loved ones. They’re mama-bears.

One of the hardest things Caroline had to overcome was when her father kidnapped her and tortured her HORRIFICALLY to make her associate blood with pain. She was rescued by Tyler and her mom. Even after suffering through that ordeal, she felt sorry for her father. She loved him and stood by him. That may not have been the wisest choice, especially since not EVERY psychopath realizes they were wrong, but it shows her heart.

I look up to Caroline and my best friend in many ways. I haven’t finished the show yet, but I look forward to seeing Caroline’s character grow. I’ll get to witness my friend’s character growth during the span of a lifetime, however, and I can’t wait.




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