My DelVal Experience

By: Anna Merezhko, May 3, 2017

The first time I visited DelVal’s campus, the only thought running through my mind was whether I would have enough time to run across campus to get to my classes. It was naive of me to think that the university wouldn’t tend to that to accommodate their students, but that was my experience with most educational institutes- students are left to figure everything out on their own.

The school I transferred from was like that. All the questions I had about my classes, credits, and their transfer policies were met with various answers. It seemed each person I talked to knew less and less about what they were doing. If every student was met with such disdain for their education and future, I can imagine how many of them left frustrated and disappointed.

In a rush to finish my associates’, I took some independent study courses. I was never given a hint of a doubt that my classes wouldn’t transfer over. I thought that if two schools had a dual admission program, that meant your classes were set- they’d all transfer over.

I enrolled in Temple and went to the orientation. While the staff was busy shuffling us around from room to room, talking about all the school had to offer, the only question I had was whether my classes would transfer. When they finally sat us down and handed us our transcripts from our previous schools. There were five other students in the room. All of us transferred from different places and were majoring in Communications. When they were handed the paper that listed all the credits that transferred over, I could see the life drain from each of their faces. Of course, that was only after it was drained from mine.

They were all told that some classes wouldn’t transfer. Though only two of mine didn’t, I refused to accept that. I was very as-a-matter-of-factly told that Temple doesn’t accept independent study courses unless they were taught by Temple staff. I’m guessing the staff member that was in the room could see our defeated faces, because he immediately followed with “if you want to go complain about how much money you’re paying for this, they’re not going to care” because there are colleges that are more expensive than that.

I understand that having almost 40,000 students to deal with becomes a bit of a hassle if each one goes to complain about their credits not transferring but a) why lie and give them the impression that they will? Why is it a guessing game? Why couldn’t anyone give me a specific answer on how much of my money will be going down the drain? The reason people go to two-year schools and then transfer over is to not build up a massive debt when they get out of college. B) Why take on a job you are clearly understaffed for? If you’re going to enroll that many students, just hire more staff so it won’t be too overwhelming.

Their careless attitude infuriated me, especially when they said that other colleges are more expensive. I know just how much they cost, and I’m not ready to sell my organs on the black market to put myself through school. I didn’t register for classes that semester and I dropped out.

That summer, my husband came across a flyer that we received in the mail for a program DelVal and my previous school teamed up on. I was very hesitant about following up on it and didn’t notice it at first, to be honest, but my husband convinced me to give it a shot.

I started working with some people from DelVal and let me tell you- night and day. Everyone was so helpful and they worked with me through all of my questions and helped me transfer all of my credits. ALL OF THEM.

I was jumping for joy. All that work that I put in to finish my associates faster was not going to go to waste. I enrolled in DelVal and quickly came to love it. I love everything about it. The professors here are truly professionals in their field. They know what they’re doing and strive to see you succeed in your major. I have never had anyone work so incessantly with me to make sure I am getting what I want out of my education and that I have a good idea of what I want to do when I enter the professional world.

I could sing the praises of this school like no tomorrow, but the people I am most thankful for are the ones working in registrar. Teresa Brandt has worked fervently with me and my courses to make sure I’m taking everything I need to take. She even helped me find courses at Bucks that are equivalent to DelVal’s that I can take to save money.
I’ve never seen people so driven by what they do. I hope that when I finally get that degree, I will do my job with as much passion and mindfulness as they do. It’s been such a pleasure learning here.

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