Curb Your Enthusiasm

by: Alyssa Ruffolo

While many people enjoy Curb Your Enthusiasm, starring the creator of Seinfeld, Larry David, I starkly disagree. I haven’t watched much of the show because I mostly used to tune it out when my boyfriend watched it every single day a few summers ago. He insists that I haven’t given it enough of a chance, but I just don’t believe the show is any good. Every episode I have seen consists of Larry David and his unrealistically young and attractive wife arguing over some dick move he has made that she disapproves of. He, of course, sees no wrong in the deed and she has to explain to him why he is being a selfish asshole.

Many fans enjoy the full circle, thought-out/ planned humor, where the beginning of each episode starts off with an illusion to the joke that will close the episode at the end. I for one think that this makes the show cheesy and predictable. Perhaps my sense of humor is just not compatible with Larry David’s and the rest of the fans, but I don’t get a laugh out of a joke that I feel is forced. It seems that Larry David tries too hard to plan out the jokes. I enjoy humor that comes more naturally, such as accidents that happen to be ironic, jokes that speak for themselves rather than requiring background knowledge/references. I want to be able to turn my TV on in the middle of an episode and still laugh the rest of the way through.

I also just feel that Larry David’s choice to star in his own show reflects the conceited attitude his character possesses in the show and also probably his real-life personality. In the show, he lacks compassion and is constantly getting angry at people and screwing them over without a care. For example, when his friends tell him not to worry about giving them a gift, despite his being an extremely wealthy individual, he takes this opportunity to get them no gift. While there is supposed to be humor in this because it is a polite gesture to deny a gift even though you always truly want one, I don’t find it funny. This is the oldest joke in the book, and it wasn’t funny the first time.

In other episode, he gets pissed off because the lady in front of him in line is sampling the ice cream flavors. I just don’t find humor in his inconsiderate and cynical attitude towards everything. One episode he and his wife want to renew their vowels and they get in an argument because he does not want to vow to love her after death. He says he wants to be free from her in the afterlife. Some may find this sense of humor funny, but to me he is just a dick husband and person overall.  In another example, he becomes obsessive over people using coasters on the coffee table, and freaks out if someone places their drink directly on the table. In one last example, Larry and his wife go on a double date with another couple. The husband in the other couple picks up the bill, and Larry makes sure to thank only the husband because he is the breadwinner and so his wife should not be thanked. Larry’s own wife is offended by this because he makes more than her but she still assumes that they share the wealth and do not follow the notion “what’s mine is mine”.

Overall, while the show is clearly just a comedy about a grumpy old man and his everyday endeavors, I feel that it encourages selfish, rude behavior. While my boyfriend finds the show hilarious, I am glad he does not act like Larry David because he would not still have a girlfriend. Watching as David disrespects his wife and everyone around him makes me angry and eventually causes me to tune the show out. If you love Curb Your Enthusiasm and I have offended you and/or your sense of humor in any way, I do apologize, although if I were emulating Larry David’s attitude, I wouldn’t need to. 🙂

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