Delaware Valley University’s Annual 30th Night

By: Johanna Marano April 16, 2017

Thursday April 13th marked a monumental day for Delaware Valley University’s current seniors. It marked 30 days until graduation for the Class of 2017. This is an annual event put on by the university to honor and celebrate the graduating class. Being a senior, I decided to attend this once in a life time event and had a wonderful time.

I was aware of this event earlier in the semester, but did not know what it would involve. About a week prior to the event, I received an email invitation from Dr. Gallo, our recently inaugurated president. She emailed those of us who were graduating to remind us that Commencement is drawing very near. And although Commencement will mark our finale here at DelVal, she wanted us all to come out for 30th night. It would be a time for food, drinks, games, and socializing.

At first, I wasn’t sure if I wanted to go. Me being me, a not an overly social person, this did not seem like my type of event. Plus a majority of my friends are juniors, so it wasn’t like I could go with them. Part of me didn’t want to go because if I did, I would probably be alone. But I knew that this was one of those moments that would only happen once in my life. How many times would I be able to celebrate 30 days to graduation? So I decided to ask my Co-RA (resident assistant) if she was going to be going. She said she was with her girlfriend, who happened to be one of my friends from freshman year, and said for me to join them.

When we arrived at the event, we had to check in. Those running the event worked off of a list that contained the names of all the students who were set to be graduating next month. It also listed whether or not the student was at least 21 years old because there was alcohol being served. This was the real reason I was there – I’m joking, but it did have a big influence on my decision to go. If you are of age, you received a wristband with two drink vouchers for the night.

The whole event was nicely arranged and had a celebratory atmosphere. There was a DJ off to the side that was playing today’s hits. There were not too many people there when we first arrived. As the night went on, more people showed to make a fairly nice turn out. People were talking and laughing, moving around and socializing with one another.

In the center of the room, there was an assortment of food: cheese and crackers, vegetables, pulled pork sliders, vegetable egg rolls, boneless buffalo chicken wings, Swedish meatballs, and empanadas to name a few. All the food that I had was absolutely delicious. (They even allowed us to take some leftovers after the event was over.)

Along the back wall was the place that I headed to first – the alcohol. There were different wines and beers, but what immediately caught my attention was the Mike’s Hard Lemonade. That is my favorite drink so I was set for the evening. I obviously used both of my vouchers because free alcohol is free alcohol.

They had a DelVal printed backdrop with some props for people to take pictures at. There were also games set up like Can Jam, Ladder Ball, and corn hole. I played Can Jam and corn hole with my friends for part of the time.

Most of the time, we just sat around and talked to each other. One of my friends who graduated in the fall even came back for a surprise visit. I did not think I would see him until we walked at graduation, but it was nice catching up now. I was also able to talk with some of the faculty members that were my professors, in addition to the deans. Dr. Gallo was also there and was traveling to each table to talk to the students. She talked to about upcoming events and what we had planned, if anything, after graduation.

I am really happy that I decided to go to 30th night and share this with my fellow classmates. I had a really enjoyable time socializing, eating, drinking, and playing some games. It will definitely be a night I will remember when I look back at my senior year of college. Now here is to the last 30 days to make any last amazing memories at college.

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