Interview With a Future DelVal Student

By: Anna Merezhko, March 15, 2017

Vladimir Basarab, a DelVal hopeful, is contemplating on transferring from Community College of Philadelphia to join DelVal’s Business Administration program in the fall semester of next year.

When he graduated high school in 2015, Vlad was offered a $40,000 scholarship to (P)ennsylvania (A)cademy of (F)ine (A)rts. Since that only covered the first year’s tuition, and he was counting on a full-ride, Vlad chose to go to CCP and transfer over to a four-year institution afterwards. He wanted to major in Fine Arts and pursue a career as an art teacher or a self-employed artist. Due to the high tuition at PAFA, Vlad decided to put that dream on the backburner, and major in Business.

“I didn’t want to graduate college with a $120,000 debt, especially as an art major. It would be difficult enough to find a job, but with the added pressure of that $120k, it would be insane.

“When looking at four-year schools, I realized I needed to have as much of my credits transfer over as possible. Most colleges don’t care about wasting your money and time by not counting classes you’ve already taken, but I’ve heard that DelVal really works with you to make sure your credits are transferable.”

When asked if he planned on going for a Master’s, Vlad said that he would consider it if it was critical in advancing to a higher position in his job.

Vlad has done freelance projects, ranging from murals to ceiling paintings. He completed a mural at his high school in honor of Coach Cohen, a football coach that taught at Washington High School for thirty-one years. The project took three months to complete. It was recognized in The Northeast Times.

He also painted a mural in honor of Sgt. Daryl Giles, a fallen firefighter, and painted a portrait of Lt. Joyce Craig, the first female firefighter in Philadelphia to be killed in the line of duty. At her portrait dedication ceremony, Vlad was honored with an award for his work from the fire commissioner and two state representatives.

Vlad hopes to get his bachelor’s in business and find a way to merge his passion for art with his profession.

“The good thing about being a business major is that you have a lot of facets of business to choose from. I’m going to go into marketing. I’ll be able to create a different kind of art there.”

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