APO’s Alumni Semi-Formal and 50th Anniversary Party

By: Rachel Lyle, April 7th, 2017

This past Sunday Delaware Valley University’s chapter of Alpha Phi Omega held its annual Alumni Semi-Formal, but his year it was a special one because our chapter, Sigma Nu, got to celebrate the fact that this year is its 50th anniversary as an active chapter of Alpha Phi Omega.

It was awesome to see everyone all dressed nicely all of the girls in their skirts or dresses and heels or flats and the guys in their button down shirts and ties. I wore a knee length black dress that was split at the bottom front and had bunting on the chest with a white lace infinity scarf, a blue and green patterned flowy jacket and a pair of black flats. It was also a lot of fun to meet several alumni that graduated before I joined APO and to see some of the brothers that I met when I joined but have graduated since then.

We had thirty one people come out to the event. Nine of them were active brothers including me, sixteen of them were alumni brothers, four were significant others of said alumni brothers, two were potential new members who are currently going through our pledging process and a student from University of Delaware who is a friend of one the alumni and is thinking about pledging at the chapter there.

The event took place in the Moumgis Auditorium in the student center at DelVal. We had a lot of fun. We spent three hours talking and catching up with each other. We also enjoyed some cake, soda, veggies and dip, chips, pretzels, and cheese doodles. We even did a little dancing.

Most fraternities have family lines which work similar to families and genealogies can be traced back and usually all of the brothers are interrelated somehow by being someones aunt’s cousin’s sister’s uncle’s brother or something like that. Some Fraternities even have brother names to go along with their family lines. When you start the pledging process you get a big who is like you your parent and you are their little which is like their child, if you get two littles at once they are considered twins, if you get three they are triplets, etc. and if you get a second little the following semester they are considered siblings. APO is one of the ones that has brother names. I’m the disney family line and my brother name is Cheshire like the cat in Alice in Wonderland, and my big’s brother name was Kovu. I had fun talking to and catching up with people in both my own family line as well as others. I got to see one of the girls in my family line from two  fraternity generations before mine. She would be in terms of the fraternity my great aunt because she ended up being one of a set of twins, so that her big had two littles, and her twin was my grand big. She was also the only one in my family line who came to the event. I digress, anyway the event was a lot of fun.

I was happy to have the privilege of being able to celebrate my chapters 50th anniversary with not only with the current active brothers that I’ve grown to know and love but also with the alumni with which I spent my first semesters at a brother and alumni from several year before I was a freshman at DelVal.

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