The Only New Year’s Resolution I’ve Ever Kept

By Molly K. Lichtner, 3/30/17

Every year, I make some sort of resolution to better myself; one year it was to eat more vegetables, and another was to exercise more.  Boring, bland, boilerplate stuff.  These are resolutions that were forgotten in a month or so; they were basic and didn’t hold my attention.  For 2017, I decided to think of a resolution that I would stick with and carryout through the entire year.  I resolved to try new things as often as possible.  I started my resolution in November—because it’s never too late or too early to start something that’s supposed to change your life, right?

Develop a Budget

This was one of the hardest, but also one of the most satisfying things I’ve ever done.  I no longer have to pinch pennies to make sure I can afford cat food for the week.  As clichéd as it sounds, I feel liberated!  I’m in charge of my money instead of my money being in charge of me!  First part of my resolution: Success!

Become a Vegetarian

I was a vegetarian when I was a little kid because it was the right and ethical thing to do.  I can’t remember why I stopped being a vegetarian—I think it was because of an ignorant doctor diagnosing my major depression as a protein deficiency—but it was something I put out of my mind for a while.  A close friend recently got me thinking about vegetarianism again and its moral implications.  I have since given up eating meat and I’m having a lot of fun trying new vegetarian and vegan recipes.  Second part of my resolution: Success!

Read at an Open-Mic Night

This is one I actually did twice!  My first open-mic night experience was at a popular bar on South Street in Philadelphia—and boy, did I feel out of place.  I didn’t feel cool enough to read in front of a room full of my contemporaries, but I made myself do it.  And it was fun!  I got great feedback!  No one laughed at me or vomited in disgust!

Because the year of 2017 is about going outside of your comfort zone, again I zagged when I thought I was going to zig.  I went to another open-mic night, this time at a local bookstore in Doylestown.  Again I felt out of place, but this time because I was the youngest person there.  I made myself read in front of everyone and it gets easier every time.  Third part of my resolution: Success!

Go to a Concert—Alone

I used to not attend events if I couldn’t find a friend to go with because I was uncomfortable with the idea of being alone.  I realized that I was missing out on a lot of cool things because of unfounded social anxieties.  I learned one major thing by going to a concert alone: it’s so great to not have to worry about someone else while you’re having a good time.  Fourth part of my resolution: Success!

Sometimes resolutions don’t stick because they’re too grand, but sometimes the vaguest ones are the most successful.

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