Dove and Real Beauty

By: Rachel Lyle, March 31st, 2017

I mentioned this in an earlier blog but I’ll mention it again, in the Spring semester of 2016 I took a Women’s Literature course at Delaware Valley University. One of the many kinds of assignments that we were given were called Connections, which was basically a series of 4 different posts on an online discussion board in which we had to make a connection between one of the things we talked about in class and something in real life. One of the things repeatedly came up in class was the idea of beauty, like inner, real and true beauty and I have always been interested in the concept of beauty and what real beauty is. I am an advocate for real beauty and am a true believer in inner beauty which I realized is a contradiction to today’s society’s view and definition of real and true beauty. Because of this one of the the discussion board post connections I chose to make was between this concept of real, inner beauty and the double standards and contradictions in today’s society’s view of the concept of what beauty really is through the Real Beauty Campaign by Dove and here’s what I wrote:

The view that society takes on beauty today is full of double standards and contradictions. Society shows in media that in order to beautiful women need to be unhealthily skinny, have flawless skin, have perfect hair, and be tall, but if women try to lose weight or make any sort of effort towards flawless skin or perfect hair everyone freaks out and say they have some sort of eating disorder or call them vain and self-centered. This view of beauty in society today is also twisted and convoluted because most of it is impossible because no one could be as skinny as is shown in the media or have flawless skin and perfect hair the way people do in ads and magazines because what is portrayed in most of the media is a photo shopped cropped twisted version of real life people. Real beauty is not being extremely skinny or having flawless skin because for most people this impossible. Real beauty comes from being yourself, being who you truly are no matter what you look like or what people think, real beauty is inside of you. Even though most companies and media outlets push flawless skin and hair and skinniness in their ads, to counteract this view Dove did an ad campaign, called Real Beauty, to show that women have heave real beauty whether they truly realize that they do or not, whether society agrees that they do or not. They push the boundaries on what should be considered to be beautiful.

These are some videos I put in for more context and as visual aid to help those who don’t know what I am or was talking understand what I was talking about and put it into more of a framework and to explain what the campaign was.


Real Beauty Sketches



So I wrote this originally because I loved this campaign when it came out and still love it to this day because it shows beliefs in common with my own and shows how women and not just women but all people should be viewed.

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