A Love Letter to My Bed

By Taylor Blasko


Dear Bed,

We have a sort of clingy, unhealthy relationship…some would say…but I love you. But that’s how unhealthy relationships work don’t they?

I’m dependent on you. I need you, and once I’m laying on you I can’t find the will power to get up. You’re the only reason that I carry on with my day…though too, you’re the only reason I sometimes don’t get up to start the day too.

You’re so rude during the week, tempting me with your ways to stay in bed and not go to class. Sheets up to my chin. Warmth only in the chalked line around my body. I know that if I move it will be cold. And I know the air around my face is not what I want around my whole body. It could be winter or summer, but my bed is always the warmest and most cozy place to be. No matter what.

During the weekends I give in. I stay with you for as long as I need and you need. I never get up. When I do finally wake up around 3pm on weekends we both know that we won’t be separated for long as you know I’m sure to take at least two more naps, once after dinner and again before 9pm and sometimes even more often than that. Even when I leave I always come back to you. We were meant to be.

Though I have to say, you’re kind of shitty to me sometimes. Why do you have to let your springs show. Laying in bed at night sometimes all I feel are a few springs in my back from your insides. It’s like you’re bitter since I left you all day. Ya know, I’m sorry I have my own life. Maybe you should get a hobby and stop taking out your separation anxiety issues on me. I’m sorry that sometimes there are nights when we don’t get to be together. That’s homework’s fault. File your complaint appropriately (not to me). But seriously stop elbowing me in the back at night, it’s un-fuckin-necessary.

I’m sorry you feel like I’m cheating on you when I go home. I promise, my bed at home and I broke up a long time ago. I can’t even sleep there anymore. Even though being in my old bed’s embrace used to make me feel so comfortable, it no longer does. It’s like we never knew each other. Strangers forced to be matched together once again, but only for a short while when I’m home. My old bed was never clingy to begin with. I feel more comfortable knowing that you’re so clingy. I feel wanted and needed. My old bed never did that for me. Thank you for having a mutual clinginess with me.

These are just some things I’ve been wanting you to know. Stop being insecure. I love you and only you. Everything is fine. Stop making problems out of nothing.



I didn’t even get out of my bed to write this.

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