Football, The Patriots, and Elephants: My Interview with Tyler Wombough

By: Rachel Lyle, March 31st, 2017

For the past four years I have had the pleasure of being in the Students for Diversity Annual Fashion Show at Delaware Valley University and because of this I was able to meet several of the student athletes. Because of this connection with several athletes, this past Saturday I had the wonderful privilege of being able to interview one of the other models from the show, Tyler Wombough, who is also the quarterback on the football team here at DelVal. I got to interview him about being on the football team and related football things.

Rachel Lyle: Why did you decide to play football?

Tyler Wombough: First my dad got me into flag football, and I wasn’t the healthy kid, I was kind of chunky, so football was a way to get me outside and to exercise instead of sitting inside playing video games.

RL: Would you trade football for any other sport?

I think he must love playing basketball because he smiled when he answered this one.

TW: No, but basketball is definitely a close second

RL: What makes a great football player?

He made a gesture with his hands while answering this question moving them from one spot on the table to one slightly to the left.

TW: What makes a great football player is his work ethic. You gotta be the same person on the field as you are off the field.

RL: Are there any athletes that motivate you to do your best during a game?

TW: Tom Brady of course, also Tim Tebow, cause I’m a Christian and seeing his competitiveness and him still having a spiritual side on the field motivates me to play.

RL: If you had a fantasy team, who would be on it?

TW: How many players are on a fantasy team?

RL: *shrug*

TW: Okay, no idea? Well, I guess my fantasy team would be: Quarterback, Tom Brady; Wide Receiver, Julian Edelman; Wide Receiver, Julio Jones; Running Back, Ezekiel Elliot; and Defense, Steve Gostkowski.

RL: Is it hard to juggle school, practice and games?

TW: Yes, and no. You have practice sometimes in the morning, lifting and workouts throughout the day, and your class time. The only hard part is getting the homework done and you have a required study hall for it. Which is 2 hours and it’s nice to have that 2 hours to do it. You can have that time in which to get it done.

RL: What is your position on the team?

TW: My position is quarterback.

RL: What do you enjoy the most about playing football?

TW: The thing I think I enjoy the most is pressure. Playing quarterback you have the whole team riding on you and it’s like if you win in the NFL you get the glory and if not you get that shame and so you gotta play it right.

RL: What are your strengths and weaknesses as a player?

TW: For me, I think, strengths are I’m calm, cool, and collected on the field and my weakness, I try make a play every play.

RL: How does it feel to be a part of a football team?

He was hesitant to answer this one. I think because he was trying to find the right word to describe what it feels like but he smiled when did actually answer it.

TW: It feels like family.

RL: What are your plans for after college? Do you want to continue playing football or do you want to do something else?

TW: I’m definitely done with football after college. What I want to do after college is have my own business. I want to have a gym. Right working at LA fitness to learn the ins and outs and how it works and I want use what I learn to figure out what I like and I don’t and take those things and create my own.

RL: Which event or game was your favorite this year and why?

TW: The Super Bowl definitely. It was my favorite because the Patriots kept getting blown out the whole game and then in the end they came back. People kept texting me telling me that the Patriots had scored and came back and I ran down stairs in Goldman to the game room. Then I was running all over campus and shouting about it. I felt like Forrest Gump.

At this point I decided to take the conversation in a different direction and talk about elephants.

RL: You’ve been given an elephant. You can’t give it away or sell it. What would you do with the elephant?

TW: I like the movie The Love Guru and in the movie he actually had an elephant. Ya know most people have cars that they use to get here for class, but if I had and elephant I would ride it to class instead of using a car and just like tie it up with its trunk while I was in class something like that. That was a good question. I liked that one.

I had fun with this interview. Tyler thoroughly enjoyed the question about being given an elephant. We got to exchange lovely Super Bowl stories and I learned some stuff about football. Also apparently neither of us know how many players are on a fantasy football team and apparently I need to watch The Love Guru.

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