My First Bar Experience

By: Johanna Marano March 26, 2017

So I turned 21 back at the end of June, but I haven’t gone out to a bar until about a week and a half ago. Well unless you count the time my mom and I sat at the bar at Red Robin while my sister was at the movies with a friend. But I was never at a real bar. It also so happens that a majority of my friends are juniors and only started turning 21. This is also just a personal quality, but I am not one to go out. I prefer to just stay in.

But like I said, I did have my first bar experience a few days ago. One of our friends turned 21 and for his birthday he wanted to go out. A group of us went out to dinner and then those of us who are 21 went out to the bar later that night. Don’t worry none of us drove. We are super responsible and the 20 year olds drove us to and from the bar.

Overall, the experience was nothing wild or out of the ordinary. Since we are all so young, we were immediately asked to show ID when we walked in. That seemed standard enough. Otherwise we ordered drinks, sat at a table, and all just talked. It was also a Wednesday night at like 10pm. Around the time when we all got a second drink, someone bought our friend a birthday shot, which was exciting for a hot second. Then some from our group were over playing pool, while a few of us still sat around talking.

We all knew we didn’t want to stay out terribly late because we had classes the next day. I mean my first class wasn’t until 10:50am, but some of my friends had class at 8am. But it was still kind of early, maybe like 11:15/11:30pm when the birthday boy wanted another drink. I’m not sure how many he had at this point, but he was completely fine. I thought what the heck and decided to get a third drink. Well, when we got back to the group all but 2 or 3 others said they were going to head back to campus.

When it came down to the end of the night, there was 4 of us left. One of the girls, although being 21, was not drinking so she offered to take me and the birthday boy back to campus so we didn’t have to wait for one of our other friends. We agreed and everyone said that they were going to close out their tabs. I did not have to do this because I paid with cash as I went. Instead, I told them that I was going to say goodbye to another friend of mine, who wasn’t a part of our party but was at the bar.

And thank goodness he was there because this is where that overall experience at the bar strayed a bit from being “normal”. I was talking to my guy friend for a little and when I turned around my face hit the floor. He knew by my sudden shift in emotion that something was up. I looked at him in shock because the 3 people in my party were no longer at the bar. I looked around wondering if I over looked them. Could my friends have really left without me? I wasn’t talking for that long, was I? Did I really just get left behind at the bar during my first experience? As it sunk in, the birthday boy walked back in with panic across his face.

I looked at him in disbelief and said did you leave without me? He said they didn’t exactly leave without me, but they did get all the way out to the car before they noticed. They got in and thought they were missing someone, but realized the person they were thinking of had already left earlier. Then it hit him that I had been the one who was left behind. In a sense of panic, he tried to get out of the car, but the door got stuck. And well, now here he was coming to get me. I was speechless. This would be my luck. I would be the one in the group to be left behind at the bar.

Immediately, my guy friend looked at me and told me that I shouldn’t have worried and known that he would’ve taken me back to campus. I guess I should’ve known, but to me that was out of his way. It really wasn’t though. The bar was about 5 minutes from campus. But I would’ve still felt bad because it was in the opposite direction of him going home. He reassured me that any time I needed someone he would be there, especially if I ever needed a ride. He has been stranded before and knew how it felt.

I was very grateful to know that I wouldn’t have been stuck, had I really been left behind. Part of me even wanted to just stay with him since my friends walked out without me. Instead, I left with my friends and safely got back to campus. But I still couldn’t wrap my head around how I was left there. Only 2 of the 3 people were drinking and even so everyone seemed coherent enough when I told them I was going over to a friend. Did no one hear me when I stated about saying goodbye to a friend?

However, I did learn a few things after this first adventure to the bar. Aside from almost being left behind, I really did have an enjoyable time going out. Every now and then it’s good to get off campus, take a break from school work, and have some fun. Secondly, to make sure I keep my eye on my party because in a split second they can disappear and leave me behind. Most importantly though, I learned that I could rely on a really good friend if and when I was in a time of need.

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