My Modeling Career: The 17th Annual Students for Diversity Fashion Show

By: Rachel Lyle, March 20th, 2017

This past Friday I had the privilege to be a model in Students for Diversity’s 17th Annual Fashion Show. It was a lot of fun and it was really awesome. The pictures I have featured here are from both this year and last years fashion show because I only had three pictures from this year.

This year I had the privilege to be in nine different scenes, five in the first half and four in the second half.

The first half was awesome only because I got to wear a sparkly dress, a bright pink shirt and an Eagles jersey.

The first scene I was in was 90s Decade, in which I wore black overalls with holes in them, a grey and black striped short sleeved t-shirt, and blue and white striped platform flip-flops and carried a multi-colored mini slouch backpack.

The next scene I participated in was Wear What Chu Rock. It was a scene where everyone whore their favorite brand of clothing. I wore a long sleeve bright pink and white baseball t-shirt that said Justice across the front a pair of blue patterned leggings and blue and pink flip-flops.

The third scene I came out in was a girls scene called Glitz, Gloss. We came out in groups of four in sparkly short dresses and tall sparkly heels. I came out in the second group in a short black dress with dark blue sequins completely covering the front and 4-inch black sequined strappy heels. I loved this scene cause I got to see all the girls in their pretty sparkly dresses all in their make up and their beautiful heels.

The scene that came next was called Sports Exhibit, where we got to rep our favorite sports teams. I rocked an Eagles Jersey for number 96 Omar Gaither with a pair of black yoga pants with silver accents. It was fun to see all the models representing their favorite teams in all different kinds of sports.

The final scene for the first half of the fashion show was called All Lives Matter. For this one we all came out and stood on the stage at the same time wearing all black and we each created a poster with either a hashtag that came from the All Lives Matter Movement or a person who had died recently whose story had spoken to them. I wore a tank top with flowers on the strap, a pair of skinny jeans, and a pair of tall black boots. I wrote my poster on a gay couple that died in the Orlando Massacre at Pulse Gay Club.

I loved the first scene of the second half of the show. This one was a Grammy/BET scene. Each girl in the scene was paired up with a guy to be like a “couple” at the Grammy’s. There were twice as many as girls in this scene as their were guys, so the guys were paired up with two girls and had to walk out again in a second outfit. This was my favorite scene because I got paired up with the guy I have a crush on and we looked good, as in off the chain good. I wore a black dress with a big flower on the front and the same black sparkly heels I wore in the Glitz, Gloss scene and he wore a black sweater and black jeans.

The second scene that of this half that I was in was Animal Impression. I came out a grey Cheetah print sweatshirt, white Cheetah print leggings, and brown Cheetah print 1/2 inch heels and I showed my fierceness and brought out my claws for that scene. This scene was fun because the models in this scene got to bring out their inner child and pretend to be animals. One girl came out in an inflatable dinosaur costume, another girl came out in a shark onesie and chased another girl off stage and two guys came out and one pretended to be a dog while the other walked him around the stage.

Bombshell Identity was the next scene I participated in. Each person in the scene dressed up and did a dance from another culture. I went out with in a black dress with red and yellow ruffles and red flowers and she wore a pair of black pants and grey sweater with a black blazer on top and we dance a Spanish dance to Odios by Romeo Santos. I had a lot of fun with this scene because I got to learn a dance from another culture and do it in a flashy dress without judgement.

My final scene was the Mannequin Challenge and all of the models in the show participated in this one. I went out in strapless flowy camouflage crop top with a black tank top underneath and a pair of camouflage leggings. We did it to Black Beatles by Rae Srummurd and I got to dance my heart out.

I even got to dance my heart out for an hour and a half at the awesome after party with most of the other models and lots of other people.

I had a lot of fun during this show and modeling my style for other people to see and I especially enjoyed doing it with the other models who I’ve known most of for a few years now and even some new people I met at the end of last semester and got to know through out the many practices we had for the show this semester. I have come to know and love all of the models and crew that participated in the fashion show this year and I know I will miss them so much when I graduate this year. I just hope I can come back and see them again and I hope I can come see the fashion show in future years and experience it from a different point of view as a member of the audience instead of being a model in the show. This was my fourth and final fashion show at DelVal and I loved doing it every year and I had so much fun doing it. This experience is one of a kind and I don’t really want to have to say goodbye to it. I would love to be able to continue being in it year after year but I know this is something I have to say goodbye to and leave behind as I move into a new era of my adult life.





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