DelVal’s Freebie Friday

By: Johanna Marano March 19, 2017

This past Friday, I was on my way to my mailbox pick up my well-earned pay check over at the Student Center when I stumbled upon Freebie Friday. What is this you ask? Well about once a month, the Student Programming Board holds an event in the Student Center lobby where students can get something that is “free”. These items have ranged over the years; there have been street signs, caricatures, air brush tattoos, glitter tattoos, and various plants.

This month was designing your own terrarium for an air plant. I never really intended to participate, but I figured I might as well since I was there anywhere. I also didn’t expect the event to be still going on since it was around 2:30pm and it started at 11am. But I decided with all the money my parents pay for me to go to school here, I might as well take advantage of this “free” air plant.

What was also nice was there was no line. In the past, when I have actually decided to take part in an event there is typically a really long line. Or the best is when the committee didn’t expect the event to be so popular and they run out of supplies. This never happened at one of the Freebie Friday events that I attended but it has with other events put on by this organization. The one that always sticks in my mind is the one that was a build a stuffed animal night. I’m still a little salty over that one.

I know it can be hard to judge how many supplies should be purchased, but whenever I have taken advantage of one of these events there are always a ton of people. Broke college kids like things that are “free”, especially with the amount that we spend on our education, housing, and meal plans.

So I decided to take a few minutes out of my day and design a terrarium for my little air plant. I was given a glass terrarium that could be hung, if you are adventurous enough. I typically have terrible luck when it comes to hanging things in my dorm room. Command hooks just never to seem to hold for me and it always takes me a few weeks to get all my decorations hung. So I am not even going to attempt to try to hang it. Instead, it will sit comfortably and safely on my window ledge.

I then took some blue and pink sand and mixed them together for the bottom of my terrarium. I then used some green moss material to act as support for my air plant. It was as quick and simple as that and I was back on my way.

It’s also a good thing that my friends are really good with plants because I have no idea. All I knew about an air plant was they do not need to be water frequently, but that was about it. Luckily my friends shared with me that they spritz theirs once or twice a week, depending on when they remember. Air plants are known for having adapted to surviving in dry environments.

But how will this air plant do under my care? Will it thrive or will it die? That is still to be determined. However, I do recommend taking advantage to these kind of events because you walk away with some pretty cool things. And when it comes down to it, you are paying for it anyway with all the money spent on going to college, so take advantage. Heck, you could even be like me and have a really awesome looking air plant terrarium and not really know how to take care of it. But I participated and got an amazing plant for the time being.

My adorable little air plant that is sitting on safely on my window ledge.


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