Ten Things All DelVal Seniors Are Thinking Right Now…

By Taylor Blasko

  1. Why doesn’t Spring Break last forever? I am not ready to continue with this rigmarole that is the end half of the semester.
  2. YESSS ALL THE SNOW DAYS, thank you snow days that made my second spring break!!! (if you’re anything like me, I went away to Florida for spring break and skipped Monday classes and don’t have Friday classes so this past week has literally been my second spring break because I went to class once this week —Thursday. Thursday was my whole week. I am not complaining).
  4. But actually that’s terrifying, what am I doing with the rest of my life when these 8 weeks are over. Waahhhh.
  5. Speaking of graduation am I even graduating? Like do I have all the required classes? The world may never know. My mom sent me a picture of some mail I got that said “IMPORTANT GRADUATION INFORMATION ENCLOSED” and I was sure that this envelope contained the news that I would in fact never graduate.
  6. But psyche it was actually just some stupid shit about announcements and diploma frames..speaking of which did I order my cap and gown? P.S. seniors never fear, even if you didn’t order it the bookstore has extras…it’s all good.
  7. Once I do graduate should I get a job right away or do some crazy shit like hike the whole Appalachian Trail and hold off on the big kid world a few more months? I can’t tell you how often and seriously I’ve considered doing this thru-hike…like no shit.
  8. Do I have a graduation party and be forced to see all of my annoying family one last time? Yea, I guess it’s the smart thing to do, those annoying family members bring you money right? I need that money to like buy shit…like an apartment…and fruit snacks to live off of…
  9. I will not be qualified to be adulting in 8 mere weeks. I wonder if my parents will let me live in the basement forever…? Or at least until I’m 40..? No, is it just me thinking this one…? Okay……..awko-taco…
  10. As much as I want to graduate part of me is really going to miss this place. As much as I hate my inevitable procrastination and cramming all of my last minute work into these last 8 weeks of the semester, I still wouldn’t trade my four years here for any other experience. It’s been real DelVal…

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