2 Cats Are Better Than 1

By: Johanna Marano February 19, 2017

My parents adopted a female Siamese cat named Mocha prior to learning they were pregnant with me. They apparently joked that if for some reason I was allergic to cats, they would get rid of me before the cat. Well lucky for everyone involved, I was not allergic to cats. Mocha was in our lives up until around 2002. My mom vowed after Mocha’s death that she would never want another pet again because the loss was to painful.

Well thankfully that vow was not like the unbreakable vow from Harry Potter. You know that vow that is bonded by magic; the one where if the maker of the vow breaks it they die. Anyway, for my mom’s sake no magic was used when she originally made a vow to never own another pet.

Because in 2009, my family and I rescued two kittens from a litter of four or five. Unfortunately, the others ran away and were never seen again. They were rescued from a van, hence their names being Van Gogh and Vanessa. Despite my mom initially not wanting to keep the two little fur balls, we did. Bringing them into the family has been one of the most exciting and rewarding things ever. Even my mom enjoys their presence and can’t imagine the house without them. She now says she will never have only one cat; she will always want two, preferably litter mates.

So here are a few reasons why two cats are better than one.

  1. They are super protective of each other. Although Van Gogh tends to be more protective of Vanessa than vice versa. This was especially true when they were younger and he would guard her from anybody and anything.
  2. They always have a companion. Whether it be a playmate, a dinner date, or a napping buddy. Not that cats mind their alone time, but if there are two, they always have each other.
  3. They learn and grow from each other. Cats tend to copy each other while growing. They also help each other out when it comes to grooming and care.
  4. They help each other burn off energy. Yes it is fun to interact with your cats, having them play with various toys and such. But it is much more fun watching them wear each other out, after having a really good play session. Even when you are really busy, two cats are able to entertain themselves for quite some time.
  5. They create so many photo opportunities. It does not even matter what they are doing, as long as they are near each other it seems adorable. And for whatever reason you just need to take a picture of what they are doing.
  6. Most importantly you save two lives instead of one, which makes you feel even better.

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