Game Show Night at Del Val

By: Anna Merezhko, February 17, 2017

Tonight, I attended the Del Val’s Game Show night with my husband and two-year-old toddler tagging along. My husband wanted to see the beautiful campus I so often mentioned when I’d get home from school. Though it was dark, I proudly pointed out the buildings where I had classes and to Archer’s pond. As I gave the quick tour, I simultaneously tried to figure out where Moumgis Auditorium could be. Thanks to a kind student, we rushed to “right side of the ram where all of the people were gathered.”

As I made my way to the front of the auditorium, I saw that both the right and left sides had tables of students busily shouting answers. It was easy to gather that Kat Dilts, the Student Programming Board president, organized this event, so I made my way towards her. She cheerfully explained that the Student Programming Board planned yet another entertaining night for Del Val students. Tonight was Family Feud night. I must have looked confused because she said, “You know, the Steve Harvey ‘Family Feud?'” Dozens of memes started popping up in my head. Ah, yes, Steve Harvey from “Family Feud.” Who doesn’t know Steve Harvey?

Image result for family feud memes

More than fifty students showed up and decided to test their skills and attempt to win first place with their team. We came to the party a little late because I had mistakenly thought it started at 8:30 p.m. (it started at 8:00 p.m.) There we saw students divided into four tables, cheering their teammates on as the tried to score the points necessary to go to the finals.

The two teams with the highest points went on to the final round where they played against each other to win the $200 first place prize. The second place prize was $100, and third, $50. Most of the students who didn’t make it to the final rounds, stayed to watch the finalists compete.

Questions were asked, eyebrows were raised, and students threw up their hands in frustration.

“Name something that would make your life better if you could get rid of it,” Brandon, the game show host said.

“Debt,” said one contestant.

“Boss,” said another.

The crowd gasped in horror as one of the answers that were revealed said “pets.”

“Who wants to get rid of their pets? That’s messed up,” someone scoffed.

The final round was called “Fast Money.” A person was chosen from each team to answer the final five questions and they only had 25 seconds to do it. They were allowed to “pass” on a question.  As the chosen contestant came up, the other one was led out of the room so he wouldn’t hear the questions. This I found out later.

When I saw the second contestant being led through the auditorium with his sweatshirt over his face, I was deeply concerned. Are they taking the game that seriously? Is he crying? I wondered as a Student Programming member led him up the steps to the stage. I quickly figured out that they didn’t want him to see his rival’s answers that were shown on the projector.

Although the second contestant passed on one question, his answers scored considerably higher than his opponent’s.

I specifically stayed until the end so I could get a picture of the winning team. These are the faces of five guys who just made an easy $200, evenly split among each other, of course.

Kat Dilts mentioned other events that are coming up where students could win prizes. At a previous event, the grand prize was a 52-inch flat screen smart TV.

“There’s going to be a big event called the ‘Barbecue Bash’ with lots of free giveaways. There’s going to be a DJ, a roasted pig, a mechanical bull, and even a photo booth.”

Look out for that one in your calendar, fellow students.

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