It’s That Time of the Semester Again..

By Taylor Blasko

That time of year has come. It may not seem like it but we are already in the midst of coming upon midterms. The semester is really much closer to an end than it may seem. I feel like it just started yesterday and yet my life is slowly spiraling out of control in mid semester fashion. It’s the time of year where you start calculating how many classes you can skip and still pass. It’s the time of year where you debate if it’s bad enough yet to skip or if you want to save those skip days for later. It’s the time of year for minimalist, sub-par work to be handed in at the last possible second. And for all those seniors out there, it’s the time of year that you may never come to know again with these exact instances. That’s right, graduation will soon be upon us. And maybe I’m wishing my life away by talking about this too soon, but in reality they had us register for graduation last semester, and FYI you have to buy cap and gowns by the first week of March. So in my mind I’m really not jumping the gun here. The real question that pervades my thoughts on the daily is, what’s next….? Do you have anxiety about graduation? You’re not alone. Here are questions I ask myself multiple times a day…

  1. What if I don’t get accepted into grad school?
  2. It’s fine, I don’t want to do anymore school anyway. I hope that nowhere accepts me so I can just work for a year.
  3. When will schools let me know if I got in so I can start looking for a summer job? Who will hire me at the last minute?
  4. When will I know where I have to move?
  5. How do I look for housing near my school/workplace when I don’t even know where I’m going to be moving to yet?
  6. Why does it take so long for my school to tell me if they want to fund my education? It’s not that hard of a decision right? Just pay for me, I’m poor.
  7. How am I going to afford to live on my own and not have a job? Grad school is my job right? How much will my stupid school pay of my tuition already, I really need to know.
  8. Should I get roommates? Live by myself? Get a pet rabbit for company when I spiral into post-undergrad depression?
  9. Am I even capable of adulting on my own? I feel like I’m too lazy to move all my shit out anyway…
  10. Don’t my parents want me to leave? Finally? Haven’t they been waiting for this for twenty-two years? Why does my mom keep texting me nowadays that I don’t have to move out? I thought that’s what she wanted. It’s what she’s been telling me for forever…
  11. Can I bring my dog? Will my dog hate me forever for moving out? Will my mom hate me forever for stealing her dog?
  12. What if I can’t find the motivation to finish grad school?
  13. What if I have no motivation to work every day for the rest of my life?
  14. What if I don’t have enough experience for the entry level job that requires five years of experience?
  15. Can I travel as a job?
  16. How do I make money without working?
  17. Is it plausible to be a hobo? Am I even qualified enough for that?
  18. Did I do my homework?

If you’re not stressed have I made you stressed yet? You’re welcome. Anytime. I haven’t even finished the semester yet so really, when I don’t graduate at least I won’t have the stress of any of these questions, except the last one. Which, I should probably stop being a lazy piece of shit and do my homework already…

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