21 Things All Dancers Know To Be True

By: Johanna Marano February 13, 2017

Dancing has always composed a major portion of my life. I honestly could not have imagined participating in some other sport or activity over the past eighteen years. My styles include ballet, pointe ballet, contemporary, hip hop, jazz, lyrical, and tap. I have competed in small and large groups, in addition to countless solos. I was also a student assistant at my studio for five years. Over the years, I have received numerous trophies, ribbons, medals, pins, plaques, and special awards. Dancing has given me the opportunity to attend various classes, workshops, and national competitions all over the East Coast. I have gone to New York all the way down to Florida.

I was even a member of my high school dance team for four years. I have been on DelVal’s dance team for the past four years, in addition to being the captain since November 2015. However, dancing here at DelVal is so very different than what I was used to in my studio days that there are times when I just miss it so much. Here at DelVal, we are very laid back, look to have fun, and promote our love of dance and school spirit with the community.

So in honor of this weekend being my sister’s first dance competition of her senior year, I thought I would make a list of things all dancers know to be true:

1. That feeling of anger when someone tells you that dance isn’t a sport.

2. Or that feeling of annoyance when someone confuses you with a cheerleader.


3. Or better yet when someone tells you dancing is so easy.

4. And then when they try to dance and you stand there wondering why.

Non dancers.jpg

5. Somehow you always mistake other words that people say: did you mean pointe or point, barré or bar, and what kind of frappé was that??


6. Your friends just never seem to understand that you are always at the studio.

Can't I have dance.jpg

7. Then when they tell you that you should just skip class to come hang out.

Skip Dance.jpg

8. People always seem to question how you sit, but to you its comfy.

Sitting comfortable.jpg

9. Or they question if you are even human when you start to stretch.


10. Then when someone asks you to count and you automatically go “5, 6, 7, 8”.

Dancer's clock.jpeg

11. That feeling of exhaustion the day after a very intense dance class or workshop.


12. The mystical item known as the bobby pin. They always seem to be there when you don’t need them and never there when you do need them.


13. The moment your teacher looks away just happens to be when you nail that one move they have been on you about.

Dance Teacher.jpg

14. Let’s just face it; some days are better than others. You always seem to hit those turns and jumps when you’re just practicing or dancing for fun. Not when it matters.


15. But when you do hit them you get all excited and try really hard to contain yourself.


16. Then you check to see if anyone around you saw what you just accomplished because to be honest you don’t know when it’s going to happen again.


17. Despite your routine only being about 2 ½ minutes, you still walk off the stage feeling like you just ran a marathon. And let’s not even get into if you have a quick change.

On and Off Stage.jpg

18. Let’s not forget the random stares when you go out in public with your competition make-up on and hairstyles: the layers of eye shadow, the blush, the lipstick, the fake eyelashes, the pounds and pounds of hairspray. You don’t mind, but others just don’t get it.


19. It usually doesn’t matter what music is playing because you somehow always have the urge to get up and dance, but you know that isn’t always accepted in public. So instead, you just sit there and think up a routine silently in your head.


20. But the for some reason you feel really awkward when people ask you to dance on command or if you are at a dance or party. Maybe this is just me though and I’m awkward.

Dancing at Parties.jpg

21. Then there are just somethings that all dancers continually wish for helping us to perfect our abilities and skills.




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