4 Things I Wish I Knew Before I Started College

By: Rachel Lyle, February 10th, 2017

There are so many things I wish people would have told me before I started going to college for my bachelor’s degree. So if you are about enter college of some sort this post is for you. Here are 4 things I wish I knew before I started college.

1. You have to start adulting on your own because your parents will not be there to coddle you and monitor your every move.

In my opinion this one is number one because it is the most obvious. Your parents, unless they are helicopter parents, will not be there to pack your lunch for you anymore, or to do your laundry, or to wake you up in the morning when your going to be late for class. You now have to be responsible you have to know how to do your own laundry, get enough sleep to get up on time and actually wake up when your alarm goes off, know how to cook your own meals or have other means to get food, be on time and actually show up for class, basically you have to be an adult and be responsible.

2. If you leave your dorm room door open all the time it means you want people to come in and annoy you.

This one should also be intuitively obvious to the most casual observer. An open door means you want visitors and you want to hang out with people and have a social life. Leaving your dorm room door open is not something you want to do when you want to get homework done or go to bed or take a nap. If you leave the door open while doing homework your not going to get anything done because people are always going to be coming and going and wanting to talk to you or ask you things. If you do it while trying to go to bed or take a nap you are not going to get any sleep. So if you want to get things done or get sleep don’t constantly leave your dorm room door open.

3. It may not be sink or swim when getting good grades but help isn’t provided to you in the same way it is in high school.

In high school if you need help in a certain area or have trouble learning you are given a tutor, put in a special class, or the teacher spends more time with you, in college this help comes a little differently. These resources are available to you in the same way they are high school but they are not given directly to you. Teachers don’t always or necessarily care whether or not you pass their classes. Teachers offer office hours but you have to go to their office on your own. Tutoring centers are available for you but you have to go to the tutors on your own to get help. The resources are there to help you get good grades in your classes but you have to chose to use them.

4. Help may be provided but not everything is provided for you.

At my school there are certain things that are provided but certain other things are not. One example being that they provide printers with ink but we have to provide our own paper. Another example is washers and driers are provided but not detergent and fabric softener. When started I knew about the detergent and fabric softener but not the paper, I had to find that out on my own. So if you want to be prepared when you start your career as a college student find out what is provided by your school and what is not and be prepared to bring whatever is not provided.

So these were some of the things I wish I had known before I started my career as a college student and I ended up having to figure them out on my own. I wanted to write them her just in case you needed them in order to prepare yourself for your own college career and this way you don’t have to dive in head first without a clue of what you are getting yourself into for the next few years.

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