Fun in the Commuter Lounge

By: Rachel Lyle, February 1st, 2017

So…..I am a commuter student at Delaware Valley University and I don’t drive which means I have to either walk everywhere I go, or ask my parents for a ride. I can’t always get a ride from my parents because they have important things that they have to do so they can’t always drop everything and run to come pick me up. So I am stuck in the commuter lounge when I’m not in class because I don’t have time to walk home between every single class and some of the things I have heard people say and seen people do in that room annoy me to no end.

One example being a guy and a girl in a short lived relationship laying across one of the couches and cuddling and snuggling in a very sexual way and basically sucking each others faces and then proceeding to go up stairs to the quiet study room to do things that I won’t mention. This annoys me to no end because these things are supposed to be part of your private life and it is called a private life for a reason and that reason is because it’s private no else is supposed to see it or know about it. I don’t want to see that or be near it. Do those things in your home and only your home. Have curtesy and respect for others and keep your private life private.

Another example is one student basically announcing his unrelenting support of Donald Trump and his campaign for president. If people said something he didn’t like or didn’t agree with he would say “We are going to build that wall and kick you all out” and he actually meant it, he wasn’t kidding. He even said it to me several times. He also said that the wall would be built around me specifically and keep me inside it. He would also say that people from certain places were mean or that they sucked. This annoys me to no end because I understand we have different and conflicting political views but don’t be obnoxious about it, have respect for other people and respect their opinions because their people too and their worthy of the same respect that you are worthy of.

One other thing that annoys me is one student is utterly and completely sexist and continues to say the most demeaning and sexist things and comments about women regardless of what they say to him about it and regardless of how it makes them feel. He says things like women need to keep their mouths shut and stay in their place, and that they only belong in the kitchen and they are not capable of doing the same things that men are capable of doing. I’m sorry but just because we are a different gender does not mean we are lower than you or not worthy of your respect, I mean we’re human too and deserve just as much respect as you do, we’re just different looking and a different size and shape human than you but we are still human.

What I am basically trying to say is just because we are different from you or have a different political view or opinion then you don’t disrespect me because you disagree treat me with respect as a fellow human being and don’t flaunt your private life in front of other people, keep your private lives private they are called private lives for a reason have respect and curtesy for other people as fellow human beings and keep your private lives in your private homes, the same way you would want me to keep my private life private from you.

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