Craft Night at Delval

By: Rachel Lyle, February 1st, 2017

On Saturday January 28th, the Student Programming Board hosted a craft night in the Moumgis auditorium. It was a lot of fun to participate in. Being a member of the Student Programming Board myself, this is one of my favorite events to host. This time we provided supplies for five crafts, those being yarn art, bleeding tissue paper art, button art, painted bottles with silk flowers, and wooden chalkboard signs as well as supplies to decorate your own sugar cookie.

I chose to get messy by both helping out at the yarn art table as well as make my own yarn art to take home with me. During my shift in helping run the event, I was helping someone else out with their yarn art another person accidentally popped their balloon so the glue mixture sprayed half way across the table and the sound was heard throughout the whole room. I ended up with glue all over my shirt, my right arm, and the side of my neck. Even though it was gross I still enjoyed getting messy because it meant I got to have fun in my own way while making a new craft and not feel judged.

I also got even more messy when I got to make my own yarn art after my shift ended. I made the mistake of only putting a glove on one hand so that one of my hands got covered in the glue mixture we were using which was made up of Elmer’s Glue, corn starch and hot water in a bowl. I was easily able to clean the hand that had the glove on it cause I just took the glove off and rinse the leftover glue off but the the other hand was covered in glue so I had to scrub it to get it off. I won’t be making that mistake again. Next time I will be making sure I put gloves on both hands for easier clean up.

In order to make the yarn art I had to inflate a balloon part of the way and cover it with cooking spray. I then had to pick out a color of yarn, dip a section of it in the glue mixture, squeeze it out and wrap it around the balloon. I had to continue to do this for each section of the yarn until I had the amount of yarn I wanted on the balloon. I then had to let it dry for 24 hours and pop the balloon. The yarn art didn’t turn out in exactly the way I wanted or expected it too but I still I like the way it came out and I still had a lot of fun making it because I got to get messy and do what I enjoy doing without feeling judged as well as it being an enjoyable and stress free break from my course work load.

Between 80 some and 90 some people showed up to have fun and make something. We ran out of supplies for both the painted bottles and the wooden chalkboard signs. Almost all of them said they enjoyed it, that they would come back it happened again, and wanted us to do it again. I, for one, personally enjoyed it, had a lot and hope they do it again next semester and for years to come.

I am a senior this year I know I won’t be attending Delaware Valley University any more and this is my last year on the student programming board, but I hope to come back to visit and that when I do I can enjoy this event all over again.

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