Texans @ Pats Preview

Alright, so it’s the fourth quarter now and the Steelers are up 3 scores. I’m pretty confident this will be the matchup. The Patriots will be massive favorites, but it’s like Keanu Reeves said.. “That’s why it’s going to work. *loads gun*”. In case you’re confused, I’m a Texans fan and this is going to be a really biased preview, and in case you’ve never seen a football game Bill Belichick is Darth Sidious, and Brady is Vader. Belichick is the NFL’s all time leader in playoff victories by a head coach (23), and Brady the all time leader for starting quarterbacks (22), and it seems like they’re still getting better. However, the Belichick/Brady combination have also combined for 9 losses, that’s almost a third. That’s far from invincible. The 13-6 Giants upset the 18-0 Patriots in the Super Bowl once upon a time, and then they beat them in a Super Bowl rematch 4 years later (there could very possibly be another one this year). The Texans will be at LEAST 14 point underdogs next week. Bill Belichick will hypnotize the turnover prone Brock Osweiler into making an excessive amount of game losing decisions. The Texans first ranked defense will be dissected by the Patriots, like the end of Braveheart, but on national television. Spoiled Bostonian sports fans’ arrogance will once again be backed up on the football field. That’s scenario #1.

In scenario #2, the Texans get some pass rush going, the back end holds up, the special teams shines, and the offense surprises some folks. The Texans do inevitably fall into one of Belichick’s traps, but fight their way back to the tune of Al Pacino’s speech in Any Given Sunday. I even heard O’Brien say “this team’s gonna fight for that inch” in a press conference this week.. I’m just saying, there is a possibility. I’m not a crackhead though, I know they’re going to lose the game. I just hope they don’t embarrass themselves out there. I’m content to take tiny steps in the right direction every year so long as we don’t start going backwards.

Right now is the best time to be a Texans fan, right before the playoff game at Foxborough. In all likelihood, it’s the last time we get to be optimistic about our playoff chances this season. In other words, I can (as opposed to can’t) wait to watch this game. Even though we’ll almost certainly lose, I wouldn’t rather have it any other way. I’m not sure how many more seasons Brady’s got left, and he’s the G.O.A.T.. What better way to win a championship than to beat the G.O.A.T. on the way there? Answer: THERE IS NO BETTER WAY! WIN ON 3! 123…

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