Bee Movie Review

I liked Bee Movie. There’s a lot to like. The writing combined perfectly with the voice acting. Seinfeld (voices Barry, the main character) really carries the movie. It seemed tailor made to his comedic style, almost like he wrote it himself. Maybe he did, I don’t care enough to look it up. The point is, imagine if Seinfeld did an hour and a half special about bees, and that’s Bee Movie. There were a handful of just for the kids lines, but I feel like the majority of the movie’s humor catered to their parents. I think it was probably pretty cool in 3D while it was still in theaters, but that doesn’t help anybody now! It takes an unexpected turn in the environmentalist direction towards the end in rather awkward fashion. I feel like it should’ve just stuck with bee puns and punchliney style, but I suppose the children would’ve been rather confused had DreamWorks left them with nothing but high brow social commentary to quote in the minivan on the way home.

It opens very similarly to Antz, another animated film about bugs starring Woody Allen, but ultimately this movie is far less serious than Antz and it knows it. It seizes an opportunity to make something original, and not shove another overly calibrated bore into the theater. The way that the bees talk, in english, to people who can hear them and then form meaningful relationships with them is hysterical. Bees can talk, they’re just not allowed to. It’s not in accordance with bee law. Every scene seems like a different comedy sketch. It’s sort of in the same style as The Interview starring James Franco and Seth Rogen, sort of. Some of the jokes felt like reaches. It would have been cool to see them make this movie more deliberately for adults (like Sausage Party), but it’s slightly educational and truly fun for an entire family I imagine, so it’s hard to argue with their decision to go PG with it. If you like Seinfeld, you’d probably like Bee Movie. 8/10

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