There Will Be Blood Review

So, this will be my third ever movie review. In the past (my first and second movie reviews) I’ve preferred to take on easy targets that didn’t require too much interpretation. I’ll admit, before I go any further, that I may have entirely missed the point of this movie. Might’ve gone straight over my head, or barely grazed me, but I’m trying to accept more challenges because my therapist said it’s pivotal to success, so here goes nothing.

I honestly don’t know where to begin. This is one of the best movies I’ve ever seen. Acting, writing, directing, music, cinematography.. all that stuff’s dynamite. The whole story revolves around Daniel Plainview (Daniel Day Lewis), a godless oil man whose sense of right and wrong gradually unravels. It’s bold in the way that it confronts religion, and the ending is perfect. Not entirely happy, not entirely sad, very resonant. Perfect title too. I think There Will Be Blood refers mainly to the price of progress. People die at the bottom of wells, limbs are broken, you can lose your hearing, someone could pose as a long lost relative and take advantage of your fortuitous wealth, and you might even have to kill them when you find out. People rack up  some pretty expensive material and emotional tabs in pursuit of success.

This movie highlights the uglier side of humanity like the lies we tell ourselves and live by, or tell other people, selfishness, greed, shame, vengefulness, the works. The gradual pacing immerses the audience in a time before cell phones and Google. The setting (late 18/early 1900s) juxtaposed with our modern society shows how much we’re capable of accomplishing over the course of a century, and the story sort of highlights the imperfection of the people responsible for said accomplishments. It reminds me of the song Handlebars by Flobots. We’re all told that if we put our mind to something we can do anything, and not to allow ourselves to be discouraged.There’s one tiny problem with that ideology, sometimes people turn out to be Hitler, or Jeffrey Dahmer, or Donald Trump. Got a little off topic here, basically what I’m trying to say is this movie reminds me of how we’re all making it up as we go along, oil tycoons included, and to be mindful of our potential for evil as we live our lives. 10/10

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