Doctor Strange Review

I saw Doctor Strange twice, the first time in regular D from like the third or fourth row, and the second time in 3D, because I knew I had to see it in 3D before it was no longer in theaters (drove 45 minutes to catch a 10: something showing because the only 3D movie playing everywhere else was Star Wars). Honestly, it wasn’t necessary to have seen it in 3D. The regular D was fine, and the second time watching it I found myself focusing specifically on the 3D effects more than the storyline because I already knew what happened. No matter how many Ds you see Doctor’s Strange in, there’s nothing like your first D (I’m a child 😆). What was I talking about?

Oh right, the movie. Great movie. Good for everyone. It pointedly confronts the pretentious movie-goer who would dismiss the storyline as unrealistic via the deteriorating of the extraordinarily pompous Dr.’s ego. It’s humbling stuff, but it effectively uses humor to keep things on the lighter side. Also though, I found it eerily similar to The Matrix (probably my favorite action movie of all time). I mean think about it, the protagonist is the world’s greatest something or other. The conflict leads the protagonist to sensei character. The scene that the sensei character is introduced is the same scene the protagonist’s mind is awakened or whatever. Protagonist must wield his multidimensional prowess against evil and impossible odds. Kamar-Taj is basically the Nebuchadnezzar, right?

My favorite thing about this movie was the pacing. They covered an impressive amount of ground in under 2 hours. And the story’s just undeniably good. Brain surgeon’s hands irreparably fucked in car accident while he’s speeding around a cliff like an asshole. Wakes up, displays no joy in simply still being alive and cuts straight to the WHY IS THIS HAPPENING TO ME?! Yada yada yada, sacrifices himself in violent fashion an infinite amount of times as leverage to bargain for Earth’s continued existence. Loved it. 9/10


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