What Percent of The Relationship is Physical Attraction?

My mind likes to think about random things on a day to day basis. One thing that I was thinking about this past week is how much does physical attraction matter, in relationships? I’m sure we all have different answers to this question, as for me, I am engaged, and I believe I have an answer from personal experience. Some may read this and think, I do not agree, and I understand. But some of this is just my experience and may differ from some or maybe many.

When I met my fiance almost two years ago now, I was instantly attracted; and no, it wasn’t the way she dressed that attracted me, she was actually dressed very very modest, which to me is very attractive. As a matter of fact she was wearing a flannel jacket and jeans because it was cold out. I was attracted to her face, it was the first thing I saw and she had what I liked, dark hair, green eyes, small, nice sugar plum cheeks. But there was something about her, just by looking at her face, that I could describe about her.

She had an innocence about her, a pureness, gentle, caring, side. Maybe her heart was the first thing I saw. I don’t know if it was normal, but I felt like I knew something about her before I even got to know her. And the more I got to know her the more I loved her, it turned out that we were very similar in a lot of ways, our history and even your desires. And the more I got to know her the more I realized it was her heart that I loved and found attractive about her, it was the way she looked at life. She inspired me and changed me in a very good way. She brought out the best of me and I like to think I brought out the best in her.

Don’t get me wrong, when I look at her, I am very attracted, but it’s the things that are unseen on her that shine brightest to me. There was never a moment when I wasn’t attracted to her. I love, and I’m attracted to the person she is, her heart, and what she believes, that attracts me most, and that is why we can look into someones eyes and find beauty.

So how much of the relationship is about attraction? I think it is all about attraction. How much of the relationship is about physical attraction? My fiance is beautiful, I have believed that since the first time I saw her, it’s the little things about her though, the eyes, her smile, it’s something I cannot put a specific percentage on. I love the person she is, and that’s whats most important, I have always been able to be my goofy self around her because I love who she is. Whether I answered the question or not, I hope this personal experience helped answer the question.

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