Great Prizes At Delval Bookstore

As I went to return my textbooks yesterday I was hit with a pleasant surprise. Delval is making textbook returns fun and well worth it this year, just show up and enter to win awesome prizes. Wawa, Chili’s, Dunkin Donuts, and Chipotle  are just a few of the $25 dollar gift cards the book store are giving out to the winners of those who enter their name in the drawing.

I think this is an awesome idea because I know from experience that I forget to give my books back at the end of the semester. Not only will this motivate me and many other students to give their books back but it will also be a good reminder. Just show up to the library, get in line, and they will ask you if you want to enter your name in for a chance to win a bunch of prizes. You put your name and email address down on the slip of paper and then you are all set to have a chance to win some of the great prizes that I listed up top. There will be a drawing everyday up until the 13th of December. This is just one way Delaware Valley is choosing to say Merry Christmas to its students.

Be sure to thank whoever is behind the desk at the bookstore because it was their idea to have the raffle and all the gifts were their idea and their doing. Be sure to enter the drawing, and hopefully you will get an early Christmas present!

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