My Top 5 Comedic Influences (of all time)in

5. Any cartoon. Some of the things I love about cartoons are:

  • they make the impossible commonplace
  • cartoons transplant the viewer to another place and time
  • they have bright colors and bright colors capture my attention

4. Robin Williams. I cannot believe he is gone. Robin was:

  • high-speed
  • intelligent
  • topical
  • a chance-taker, and was willing to fail

3. My Dad. This was a no-brainer. My Dad can bring a laugh to any situation. BONUS: He loves me back, unlike the others on the list.

2. The Three Stooges. From the Three Stooges I learned:

  • teamwork
  • physical humor
  • how common we all are and that is what ties us all together

1. Monty Python’s Flying Circus (mainly the TV Shows) Python is gold standard of comedy to me, because it is:

  • intelligent
  • irreverent
  • fast paced
  • totally my sense of humor
  • teamwork

These together form the Mount Rushmore of my influences.

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