Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them

Harry Potter has become a huge franchise, with all of the books, movies and merchandise.  I absolutely love the Harry Potter universe!  Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them is based on a book that the main character wrote which is basically a textbook for students to learn about the different beasts of the world.  JK Rowling wrote a film script for this movie because the book Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them had no plot to it.  I am very excited that this movie will be part of a three-movie release, so we get to see more from these characters.  The director, David Yates, even hinted that in the next movie we might see some of our favorite characters from the original Harry Potter universe, like Dumbledore.  The special effects of movie were really beautiful and matched the Harry Potter world.  I feel like this movie is a good addition to the wizarding world because the movie had the same tone as the previous ones.

The film’s plot is all about Newt Scamander as he tries to capture some of his beasts that got loose in New York.  The movie shows how non-magic people view wizards and even has some darker tones to the movie.  The movie is based on segregation because non-magic (or muggles) are blaming wizards for problems that are occurring.  The movie had a lot of comedy interwoven into a very heart-wrenching movie.  The ending of the movie is very sad with some of the characters saying goodbye but there is also a little bit of hope at the end too.  The movie left the viewer feeling hopeful that everything will work out and have a happy ending.

I feel like the movie is really based on friendship and working together.  Scamander would never have been able to catch all of his beasts without his new non-magic and wizard friends that he acquired on the way.  Also, the friendships and relationships between Scamander and his beasts is really evident in the way that they care for each other.  Scamander really cares for the beasts and puts them before anything/anyone else.  This is proven when he gets captured by the high wizards and while being dragged out, he is begging them to not hurt his creatures.

The only thing about the movie that I didn’t like was one of the actors that was cast in the movie.  Johnny Depp was recently showed in the media for being bi-phobic towards his wife by beating her.  I heard some people say, “It’s so horrifying how little JK [Rowling] or David Yates actually care about the media they’ve created. Harry Potter at it’s core is about an abuse survivor reacting to the world around them.”  People, me included, feel like casting Depp puts a bad image on the Harry Potter world.  Johnny Depp plays Gellert Grindelwald which, along with Dumbledore, are speculated on whether they were gay and in love.  It feels wrong for an almost canonically gay character to be played by a person who does not support the whole LGBTQ+ spectrum.

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