Finals Are Coming


The semester is finally coming to an end, and the pressure is on to finish with high grades and most of your sanity. I mean, that is the goal. It unfortunately does not always work out that way. If your finals do go a little badly this year, try not to fret. It is not the end of the world to do poorly in one class. However, you really should not make a habit of it.

Try to stay on top of all your schoolwork. Make a list, lock yourself in the library, do whatever you have to do that will help you study and get shit done. Don’t waste you or your parents money by not taking your finals seriously. Sure it’s fun in the moment, but it’s not too fun when you graduate with a low GPA and have crippling student debt. Okay that was a slippery slope I know, but still. Just take your shit seriously. You are one individual in the tiny part of the world’s population that has a college education. Do not waste it.

To wrap up: Study hard, get enough sleep (ha), try not to drive yourself crazy, and just keep on keeping on. You have made it this far. You got this. Go out and ace those finals. And even if you bomb some of them, the world will still be the same and will continue turning. You now have a nice month break from anything to do with college. Rejoice! Until we have to do it all again next semester.


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