What it’s like to be a Counseling Psychology Major at a small University

Kwasi Amponsah is a junior Counseling Psychology major at Delaware Valley University and is one of my classmates. Delaware Valley University is one of the few establishments that offers Counseling Psychology as a major, which sets it apart. I know how I feel about the program here, but I wanted to get a classmate’s perspective as well.

What made you want to be a psychology major?

I have always been a good listener and try to help with people’s problems, so I figured why not go to psychology where you are doing just that. Solving or helping people solve their problems is a wonderful thing and if I can help as many people as I can then that is just a blessing.

Have you ever thought about doing something else, or is this something that you have always wanted?

When I first came to DelVal I was a biology major so I could be a physical therapist which of course was my plan B to my dream of going into the NFL. After football was not working as I planned and also not getting good grades in my science classes is when I decided I wanted to do counseling psychology instead.

What is your favorite part about being a psychology major at a small, private school like Delaware Valley University?

How well the professors interact with their students. I feel like they really try hard so we can succeed. Also how the classes are run, it’s not like a boring lecture, the professor interacts with the class and makes us have discussions so we can learn the material better.

What do you plan on doing with your psychology degree?

Actually I haven’t decided that yet, I don’t know if I want to go into the mental field, education field, or even the military. There is so many thing you can do with this field, it’s amazing.

What is your favorite psychology class you have taken at DelVal?

Introduction to Psychology was my favorite. That was the class that really sealed the deal for me to switch my major. The class really opened up what psychology was about.

What do you think is different about counseling psychology as a major as opposed to a regular psychology major?

Counseling Psychology really focuses on counseling people to help them while regular psychology is really broad and can be more of a research major.

What do you think it takes to be a psychology major?

Just the motivation to help people, it’s a lot of listening, comprehension, and patience but the motivation to help people overcomes that.

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