I’m happy when…

With finals week, almost here, I decided to list a few things that make me happy.  Hopefully, these will help me and maybe others to become less stressed during this week.

I’m happy when…

I am surrounded by my family.  I am a very family oriented person.  It brings me joy to have a relaxing day just playing board games and laughing with each other.  Baking Christmas cookies after Thanksgiving every year is a big family traditions of ours.  I love to be out on the beach building huge sandcastles.  I look forward to going golfing then eating ice cream at Dairy Queen.  I cannot imagine my life without all of my family loving and supporting each other.


I’m happy when…

I am outside surrounded by nature.  I love to hear the birds singing and chirping.  Being out in the water rowing a kayak is relaxing and calming.  I am trying to travel the world and visit all of the National Parks. Being around nature makes me feel happy and content.  The feeling you get on top of a mountain that you hiked up is unmatched by anything.


I’m happy when…

I am cocooned in a blanket on my couch with my favorite book.  Or I am gently rocking on a hammock with a new book that I simply cannot put down.  It brings me a lot of pleasure to be transported to another universe.  There is nothing better than spending hours getting invested into a story and cheering on the characters.


I’m happy when…

I am working out.  I find getting into shape to be a stress reliever.  Whenever I am having a bad day, running helps to burn off steam.  I feel like the better shape I am in the more opportunities are available for me.  I love to run marathons to help support a cause.  They bring so much adrenaline and are fantastic opportunities.  One day I want to participate in a Spartan, Color Run, Tough Mudder and maybe more marathons.  It is always the best to work out with a friend, encouraging each other and helping each other reach a goal.

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