Oh, by the way, did you notice we are evolving into the planet of the apes. Great. This is part five.

Battle for the Planet of the Apes. Battle. This is a movie in the canon that takes a lot of criticism. It is THE one of the original five movies that receives the most knocks, and there are many reasons why. Overall, there is a lot more going for this movie than against it, in this person’s opinion. First off, Roddy McDowall captains this movie, which means that aside from Beneath, when he was unavailable, he was in all of the original movies. That alone bears mention! A lot of what was intended to be good ended up not being so good… hence the reason why I feel it relates to the world we love in and it ends up her further proving my claim that we exist in the same universe as the movie.


No this is not “seeing the world with rose-colored glasses”. This is a mutant, who has been living underground, underneath (see the similarity to people living below the poverty line or below the median income level of most folks in the Unites States reference? I just made it.) the city. So the story in this is that the mutants think the apes are going to attack, so they attack first. Sound like a familiar idea? How many times do countries do this to get a leg up on their perceived competition?

What happens if we get almost wiped out sometime in the near future? Doesn’t nature tell us that someone or something is going to come along and rule over what is left of civilization? There are an awful lot of really smart apes in our culture now. Ones we can care about. Here is the latest story of one:

When Andy Serkis heard about the plight of Louie, a chimpanzee who has apparently lived in isolation from others of his species inside a roadside zoo in the US state of Michigan for six years, he jumped at the chance to raise awareness of this cruelty.

In this moving new video that reveals what the lives of animals are like in these dismal facilities, he narrates Louie’s experience and asks for help to secure his release: watch the video

In today’s world we keep getting made lots of promises. A lot of what were told, or was intended to be good has ended up not being so good. I don;t know about you, but I am looking over my shoulder, waiting to catch first glimpse of apes on horseback.

“Now! Fight like apes!!”



NEXT TIME: Oh, by the way, did you notice we are evolving into the planet of the apes. Great. This is part six. Coming soon!

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