Relaxation Station

The Student Programming Board threw an event the weekend before Thanksgiving Break called “Relaxation Station.” I think this was a good title because at one point it was supposed to be called “Spa Night” which I think would have been a turn off for a lot of men. This is also a good name because the event was much more than massage chairs and wax hands. There was an oxygen bar, chocolate bar, homemade stress balls and reed diffusers and the best part…dogs! There was a group of therapy dogs for students to snuggle with and pet. I think this was a really good idea because being at a very animal-based school, the dogs were a huge hit. A lot of people that went commented on how great it was to have the dogs there because they missed their own pets. The event was a lot bigger than I thought it would be. Having had programs like this in the past, we expected there to be about 40-50 people. We were overwhelmed then when there were 150 people that came. However, I feel like there was enough for everyone to do. If the massage chairs were full, they could run and get a warm beverage or take a seat at the oxygen bar. And if everything else was full, there were tables with coloring books. I think the night was a good mix of different relaxing elements so that everyone could find something they enjoyed. The Student Programming Board works hard to throw a wide range of events for the students and I think their hard work paid off with this last event.

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