Graduation is upon us! If you’re graduating in December that is. However, whether you’re graduating in December or May, there is one thing for certain: it’s terrifying. You can ask every college student and most will tell you that graduating makes them nervous, it definitely makes me nervous. There are a number of reasons graduating is scary like not having a job, starting a new job or paying off loans. Basically, having to be an adult. The thing that scares me most is the not knowing. I’ve always known where I’m going up until now because every year all I had to do was go to school. Even when picking colleges, I had an easy time deciding and transitioning to a new school. But now I have to go do. Take all the things I’ve learned and built upon in 16 ½ years and go into a really cut-throat field and try to make it. I thought graduating in December was a good idea. Get a head start in the job market while the rest of my classmates worry about spring break plans and another semester of classes. But now I feel like a fish out of water because only a small portion of my class is graduating early which means that I’m throwing myself into the world without my fellow peers to freak out with me. While we all hope for full time jobs with good benefits, the reality is that most of us will have to go back to that old part time high school job while we wait for our big break, which may be a while. These days, an entry level job requires 1-2 years of paid experience, connections in your field, and for you to have the ability to juggle fire while riding a freaking unicycle. Honestly, look who’s about to run the country and I need paid experience to get paid experience? That’s crap. But I digress. Whether you’re lucky enough to get that full time job right out of the gate or if you’re stuck being a cashier until you make it big, graduation can be nerve-wracking so I wish all upcoming grads good luck! We did it!

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