I turned 50 recently. Haha, yeah I am not the average college student, am I. Or wait, what is the average now? I changed my mind. I am the average! I may not be in the best physical shape of my life (I am not) and I may not be as smart as I used to be (I not am), but mostly I feel pretty good/ 50 is the new 40? Whatever. In all seriousness, I truly don’t measure myself by anything other than am I moving in a direction that I want to be? This answer is sometimes yes and sometimes no, but overall I am pretty content that all is good and I am happy. Life is good! It might be time to shave my beard off. Ow, what is that pain? Temporary. I know things now that I didn’t before, like when to take my foot off of the gas (this is not an analogy, it saves gas). Oh, don’t get me started on bodily noises. I happily look forward to what is ahead with a happy past behind me. Summary: life is good.


What you got, 60?

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