The Is So Much I See Right Through

Life is full of some many amazing things that we see right through every second. One for example would be the beat on which we are living off of. That beat being, your heart beat of course. This reality hit me this weekend as I was out in Lancaster on a visit. As I was on my way out there something that I see every single day struck me with its beauty. I looked to my left as I was driving and there it was.

The sun was just coming up over the mountain as the sky around it was a bright reddish orange. That reddish orange slowly faded into a orange and then a lighter orange and then that lighter orange faded into a yellow and then a lighter yellow until it eventually gave way to the blue sky. I had to pull over and take time to take this whole scene in. It was like nothing I’ve ever seen before, the sun was so big and it slowly climbed its way up over the mountain.

As I was watching this I thought about how many sun rises there have been in my lifetime and why it has taken this long for me to soak in its beauty. The world is full of God’s power and wonder, and if we take the time we can see it in amazement instead of looking right through it. We are a speck of dust, and the things around us such as the sun seem to operate for our pleasure. Enjoy it, and take it all in.

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