Family is a very important part of my life. With Thanksgiving happening here is a list of things that I love about family.

  1. Be there through thick or thin
  2. Game nights and competition
  3. Laughter and smiling
  4. Unending and unconditional love
  5. Inside jokes between members
  6. Supporting and cheering each other on
  7. Found family (family that aren’t blood related but you are really close to)
  8. Always a shoulder to cry on
  9. People to be thankful for
  10. Someone that you can always go a talk to
  11. People to freak out over TV shows with
  12. Family vacations to enjoy and explore the world with
  13. People who stick up for each other
  14. Happiness surrounding you
  15. Working together to get things done
  16. Provides values and identities
  17. Traditions are cherished and passed down for future generations
  18. Strong sense of belonging and importance to people
  19. Families help define who you are
  20. Joy when someone in the family succeeds at something


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