My Teammate Trevor Dalton

I have had the privilege of going to college only 20 minutes from my home. This week I got to catch up with a friend of mine who shares the same privilege and plays on the Delaware Valley University baseball team with me. Trevor Dalton was a high school rival of mine, he went to Penn ridge high school and I went to Souderton high school which is the town next door. Our schools were rivals of eachother in high school so it was pretty ironic in my mind that we ended up going to the same college and not only that playing on the same team.

Me: What made you want to come to delval?

Trevor: Well it was a pretty easy decision for me, it was close to home, my dad is a cop and wanted me to get into the police academy, but to also have a backup plan, so I came here to get a business degree and sports management.

Me: Did baseball have anything to do with your decision?

Trevor: I have always loved playing baseball I have been playing my whole life, so the decision to go to college and continue playing the game I love made the choice that much easier for me.

Me: If you had a shot would you choose baseball as a career?

Trevor: Definitely! The idea of playing a sport as a career, there is nothing better. Even if it was a year or a couple of years experience that would be amazing and once in a life time opportunity.

Me: Thank you for your time Trevor, keep working hard!


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