To Learn from Each Other

Do you have a favorite genre of book? I do- biographies. Weird, right? Reading all about people’s lives, about what they have written about themselves; spilling all their memories onto a page with connecting remarks with a usual moral or profound idea of how it has possibly impacted them. In a way, it’s mesmerizing that you, as the reader, know so much about a person of interest, like a celebrity, as if you are close friends with them. They’ve shared things with you that might be embarrassing, a joyous occasion, or even conveying a moment of sadness. It is a direct access into their personal lives- like reading their diary.

I’ve got a great collection of memoires from an incredible array of people- from FBI agents, to criminals, from comedians, to missionaries, and from athletes, to even my grandma. And they all have something in common:

They all have something to say; and they all have something to be heard.

A few favorites from my biography bookcase.


I’m the youngest on both sides of my family, and despite their love for me, my voice and the opinion it holds is often muted amongst those of my elders. While I may not like it, it’s what happens; it’s not like it is on purpose after all. But because my ideas and beliefs are snuffed it has made me realize that everyone, at multiple points in their life has something valuable and profound to say. You shouldn’t have to have fame to have a quote. In all of these books, I keep a small piece of paper in the front to jot down any light-hearted or weighty quotes they threw in there. Yes it’s petty, but sometimes you have a certain emotion that you don’t know how to put into words, and someone has already searched their heart to craft it in a harmonious way. I think that people know how much mean words can hurt them, but don’t always value a positive word. As Tim Tebow says, “We all have stories to share. We all have life experiences that can bless the lives of others.”

My grandma has written three biographies, and each time she hands them out to the family, she always reminds us:

“You all really should jot down your memories so when you’re old like me, you can write a book too.”


The first of the three biographies written by Gram.


It’s funny how our lives never seem interesting to ourselves, yet others find it fascinating. I’m not saying that every moment of every day is going to be worthwhile to write about, but as a whole,

there’s always something we can learn from each other, if we are susceptible to listen to it.

This is why I love biographies.

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