Comedy Night

How much did it cost the pirate to get his ears pierced? A buccaneer!


If you liked that than you should have heard what the Drama Club brought to the stage at their Comedy Night on Thursday, November 17th.

The group performed nine different comedic skits along with three improvisation games which lasted just over an hour.

The event started with the club President, Jonathan Coniglio, welcoming the audience. Following his introduction, unfolded a slew of punch-line driven skits including: Firing Squad, Good Looking Horse, Tankety Tank, Emergency Broadcast System, Director’s Cut, Rumors, Bear Attack, and the Ugliest Man in the World. Interspersed were three improv games, much like those on ABC’s Whose Line Is It Anyway?

From the sounds of the audience’s laughter, the funniest piece was Abbot and Costello’s Who’s On First which was acted by Coniglio and the club’s Vice President, Harrison Hancock.

As a whole, this was a good excuse to get out of the apartment for. However, it could have had more planning and the overall execution could have been better. The main way in which this could be improved was better ‘broadcasting’ of the event. There wasn’t any signage around campus and the only campus posting was on InsideDelVal the day of, which didn’t comprise any information. Attendees were caught off guard when walking into the atrium of the Life Science Building with an admission fee. After doing some research on the night, to see where we might have found information, the only listing was on their Facebook page. It’s really quite a shame that there wasn’t more of an audience.

Despite the pit-falls, the skits were presented well in comparison to their originals.

The night was filmed and will be on Youtube, if you have a burning passion to see DelVal’s Drama Club in action.

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