Why Thanksgiving Is So Special

Thanksgiving is a great time of the year. It is a time of fellowship with friends and family, football, and delicious food. I love thanksgiving and I find a lot of significance in it when I’m with my family celebrating it together. But why do we celebrate it? Where did thanksgiving come from? It is a simple story in history, it is a simple story and a perfect picture in my eyes of how thanksgiving, and life should be lived.

It was accustomed for the New England colonists to have what we call “thanksgiving” regularly, days of prayer thanking God for the many blessings that he had given them. In 1621 the was a very successful harvest so the New England colonists, or Pilgrims, decided to invite some Native Americans to their feast. It was a feast and time of prayer that lasted three days.

Now that was a very brief and summarized version, but they point to be made lies within that context. Thanksgiving is a time of thanksgiving! Take time to give thanks, take time to be well spent with your family. We may not all get along great with our families and we may have differences, but don’t you think the Pilgrims and Native Americans had differences too? And yet they spent three days together giving thanks and sharing meals together. I think this is a perfect illustration of how fellowship is meant to be, we are all different, but we all have thanks to give for the food laid before us, and the friends and family in whom we can share it with.

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