Relaxation Station

Yesterday my roommate and I attended the Relaxation Station event hosted by Student Programming Board.  The event had therapy dogs, massage chairs, an oxygen bar, and other stations.  I will admit the biggest reason that I went was to see the therapy dogs.  I was not disappointed because all of the dogs were soooo cute and friendly!  My roommate and I also got to make a stress ball with balloons and sand.  So many more people came to this event than they thought because they had to quickly find more sand to use since they ran out.  My roommate also made a scented reed diffusers.  They had a whole bunch of different scents to choose from.  They even had different foods and drinks available but the line was super long because there was a lot of people enjoying this event.  I think this event was very successful because of the number of people there and the variety of activities to do.  I would definitely recommend this event to other people if they host another one.  I also think that they should host another one the day before the week of finals because it could really help people relax during a stressful time.

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