Ben Lippincott My Friend And Teammate

This week I had the chance to interview my good friend and teammate on the Delaware Valley University baseball team Ben Lippincott. Ben grew up about 15 minutes from my house in the next town over from me, and I grew up playing baseball against him. Since we have both been playing baseball our whole lives and since we both ended up at the same college playing baseball i figured I would interview him to see what his future plans look like and if he would like to continue playing the game he loves.

Me: So when did you actually start playing baseball?

Ben: I began playing baseball officially when I was about six years old, I loved the game, it wasn’t something I was forced into playing, I loved it since the first time I started.

Me: What made you decide to come to delval?

Ben: Well, delval has a good business program and sports management program. It’s convenient for me how close it is from my house and I knew if I came here I would have a chance to play baseball right away.

Me: What do you think your future looks like in general, and do you think baseball will be a part of it?

Ben: Well sports management is a part of my major, and I have already done some internships at major league baseball facilities so I definitely see baseball being a part of my future. I would love to continue playing the game as long as I can, if I ever get the opportunity to do anything with it beyond college I would do it in a heart beat. But if not, I want to be a baseball scout or work in a department for a major league team somewhere.

Me: Thank you Ben for your time, keep working hard, and good luck in your future.



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