15 Bullied Years

This week I was listening to music from one of the YouTube channels that I like.  Bria and Chrissy is a singing duo that also posts blogs and skits.  I started watching some of their older videos that they posted and came across this one song that got me really thinking about bullying.  I decided to share my thoughts and facts that I found on this subject because the song really inspired me.  This song really stood out to me because in Bria and Chrissy’s newer videos they talk about how Chrissy was bullied.  Chrissy is a victim of revenge porn and thought of committing suicide herself because of it.  Revenge porn is the sexually explicit pictures or videos of one or more people distributed without their consent.  Now both of them are a huge advocate to anti-bulling and are trying to get a law passed to help other people who are victims of revenge porn.

Bullying happens to everyone in some shape or form.  “A 2010 survey of Americans showed that 13.7 million people said they were currently being bullied, and nearly three times that number said they had been bullied in the past” (Riggio).  This is an enormous about of people that are being told that they are worth nothing.  By being bullied and constantly put down by others, people think that they are worthless which causes them to take drastic measures sometimes.  “In 2011, 39,518 suicides were reported, making suicide the 10th leading cause of death for Americans” (Facts and Figures).  There needs to be more of an awareness of the causes of bullying so it can be prevented.

Bria and Chrissy sing duets on YouTube.  They wrote a bunch of different songs but one of them stood out to me.  The song “15 Bullied Years,” is all about a teenager that committed suicide because he was being bullied.  The purpose behind the song is to bring light to the consequence of bulling.  They sing a story about the life the boy lived.  “People would laugh when Greg would walk by confused by his odd ways and the clothes he would wear” (Bria and Chrissy).

They use the story as evidence that bullying causes horrible pain.  This pain is not just to the person that was being bullied but to their loved ones as well.  “Screaming doesn’t help, as she loosens his rope, knowing she’s lost her only son” (Bria and Chrissy).  The song was made to make the listener feel sadness so that they would want to stop bulling.  Feeling emotion was more powerful then stating a bunch of facts.  It made the listener really know the full consequence of bullying.

The intended audience of this song is anyone that will listen.  The song is not intended for a particular group of people because bullying and suicide affects all ages and types of people.  By working together, bullying can be stopped for good.  Banding together will help give support to the bullied people.

The conclusion really brings the emotional point across.  “Greg lived for 15 years, 15 bullied years, way less than his peers” (Bria and Chrissy).  By writing this song Bria and Chrissy were hoping to stop bullying.  They were hoping to get people to take action to stop this from happening to anyone else.  Bullying is a really big problem that needs to be stopped because it really effects the way people have grown up.


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