A Walk To Remember

Although I have seen the Titanic, romantic genre has never been my first choice. But after meeting the girl of my dreams a half year ago and now being engaged and planning to get married, I figured why not watch “A Walk To Remember” with her. That movie rocked my world so much I decided to read the book, “A Walk To Remember”, by Nicholas Sparks. The movie was absolutely amazing and I thought nothing could be better, until I read the book. And that is why I feel inspired to write this review.

The book takes place in 1999 where the narrator Landon Carter takes you back 40 years to when he is 17 years old, a senior in high school. He is the son a congressmen who is gone nine months out of the year so is basically lives alone in the small town of North Carolina, Beaufort. He has a group of friends that are pretty popular, his best friend Eric, star football player is the most popular kid in school.

Landon decides to take, what he thinks is “piece of cake class” theater arts. Every year the theater class puts on a school play, which is a remake of the Christmas story, “A Christmas Carol”. Its put on by the town pastor, Hegbert Sullivan. Hegbert has a daughter Jamie Sullivan who is an outcast in school, she carries a Bible with her everywhere, she never wears makeup, and she wears the same sweater to school everyday. Well, Landon and Jamie both get picked for the two main parts of the play, and the more time Landon spends with Jamie the more he becomes infatuated with her. Although he denies it around his friends, as time goes on his heart begins to radiate his love for her. Landon asks Jamie what her number one wish is, and Jamie’s answer was that she wants to be married in the church where her mom and dad got married and she wants everybody she knows to be there.

Jamie is strong in faith and dedicates her whole life helping people. The more Landon Carter is around her the more he begins to change and the more he begins to fall in deep love for Jamie. Near the end of the book Landon notices Jamie has not been feeling well and she has random bruises. Jamie breaks the news to Landon that she is sick, sick enough that she does not have much longer to live. Landon has done all that he can to help Jamie but he still feels like there is something else he must do for her. He is by her side through thick and thin but he still feels he needs to do more. As he is reading Jamie’s Bible he comes across a passage written about love that is underlined. Jamie underlined it specifically for Landon. After reading it he runs to the local church where Jamie’s father is and tells Hegbert he wants to marry his daughter. After little discussion Landon goes back to Jamie’s beside and asks Jamie if she would marry him.

I recommend this book to everybody, it has inspired me the value of human lives and the value and preciousness of relationships. I think we could all learn something from this book it’s one that you won’t soon forget. It’s a story of true love, and what it means to be selfless. Love is patient, love is kind, love is never jealous and never selfish. You will laugh, you will cry, read the book, it will change your life.

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