What I Don’t Like About Sports

I love to play sports, I have been playing baseball probably before I started walking and to me, it’s always been something I love to do. I enjoy football and basketball, but I’ll stick to baseball in this blog. There was nothing I loved more than having my dad throw to me, and hitting the ball as far as I could, or having my dad hit the ball and I’d fetch it like a dog. This is what I love to do.

As time progressed through my career I noticed that things started getting more competitive. I mean, even at the age of five, parents are screaming at their kids to win the game like if they lose, they will suffer. I’ll admit, winning is great, but what I love most is just playing the game, and I hardly even look at the scoreboard.

I’m more so about peace, and seeing people get along, and not letting stupid things come in between fellowship with other people. So when I see opponents on opposite teams yelling at each other like its the Vietnam war, it upsets me. Even worse, when you hear on the news that a dodgers fan is in the hospital because a giants fan beat him up after the game, it’s like, what has the game of baseball come to. I believe, there is a little too much pride in the game of baseball, it is a competition from every angle of the game. Whether it’s a player, fan, parent, grandparent, whatever we are, we need to all stop before we look at somebody as an enemy and ask ourselves, is it worth hating this person over a game.

To me, to hate someone in general is never worth it, and isn’t even an option, but to be honest, sports can do that to people. It can rise up hatred, it can tear people apart, I have seen it. I’ll admit, I have to watch myself at all times, because when I really let my competitive side come out, I am vulnerable too. I don’t like the tension sports bring between people. It is also a gateway to pride, and for me too, I have to be careful. When I enjoy baseball the most, is when I pretend I’m five years old again in the backyard with my dad playing catch. I think we should all think back, and remember why we first started playing sports.


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