The Long Debated Topic

People are constantly saying that books are better than movies but why is that?  What are the advantages and disadvantages to books vs movies?  Should we even be comparing them because they are different forms of media?

In books, there are more description of character’s thoughts and feelings.  Since it is a book there is no real-time limit of how long it would take to read the book.  This helps the author write as much as they want without the typical 1.3- 3-hour time limit of movies.  Any movie longer than that time limit, people lose interest.  So, the directors have to leave scenes and sometimes characters out of the movie which could upset the fans.  This could also be a disadvantage for books because the thicker the book the more intimidating the book looks to people.  Furthermore, the reader can read through a book at their own pace.  With this being said, they can even re-read parts of the book if they didn’t understand it.  With a book, it is much easier to transport into another universe anywhere you are because it is easy to bring with you.  With a book, there has to be a big catchy opening so that the reader gets hooked on it.  If there is a slow beginning the reader might lose interest and find a different book.

In movies, it is really exciting to finally see your favorite characters come to life.  This could be a disadvantage to movies because if the characters don’t look like what you imagined, it might ruin the movie.  Furthermore, if an actor or actress has a bad performance in the movies, then the movie is also ruined.  There is a higher expectation for the movies because more people know about them since there are advertisements.  A huge advantage of movies is that it might be considered less time consuming to watch a two-hour movie than it is to read an entire book.  Movies are better for visual learner and people who have a hard time reading, like dyslexic people.  Most movies have a list of topics that they are not allowed to discuss, but with books there is an unlimited resource of ideas.

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